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tony & kristine - wedding with pilar - part 1 || manila wedding photographer

showcasing another wedding - the wedding of tony and kristine - i second shot with pilar today and for the next couple of wedding weeks. :)

today is getting ready details.. :)

it’s so much fun reminiscing about the getting ready - the details of what you wore, stolen moment shots…i love details ...

what i love about istanbul || destination wedding photographer

at the end of this last october, i was priviledged to go to turkey to shoot for lonely planet philippines magazine. it was my first time to turkey. i honestly didn’t know what to expect.

i DO know that KAPADOKYA was my favorite place that we visited.

but this post isn’t about ...

FEATURED! on - Online Wedding Magazine || Manila Destination Wedding Photographer

in october i was asked by alana of if i’d like to shoot a couple of reception stylized shoots out at The Bellevue Hotel in Alabang.

i love weddings. and i love photographing details so it didn’t take me more than 2 seconds to accept the offer!

today, alana ...

#ff - jose villa || manila destination wedding photographer

today’s #FF fabulous person doesn’t need a huge introduction if you are in the wedding photography/industry - he’s a legend. (he didn’t even pay me to say that <wink!>} he’s one of the industry’s most sought after photographers. but of course i still will give him one. :) he is ...

christmastime is here || manila destination wedding photographer

if you know us at all, you know we LOVE christmas.

all of our friends (and family) in canada and in the west think we are NUTS cuz we would always have our tree up in OCTOBER.

dude. its a season, not a day, the whole christmas thing - enjoy it!

so ...

neil & michelle - reception || manila destination wedding photographer

today’s wonderful wedding wednesday is the last installment of neil & michelle’s wedding that i second shot with pilar in the summer.

it’s the reception details.

there are two things that are important when it comes to reception photos, i think. ok, maybe 3. :)

1) DETAILS - the amount of money, time ...

to italy, with love! || destination photographer

2012 is coming soon. and i’m in the midst of organizing some ITALY tour dates for photogs and non-photogs!

i simply cannot wait!

here’s a sneak peak into what is coming in regards to ITALIA for 2012 and FOLLOW YOUR HEART TOURS:




take a ...

the life as a traveler's wife || manila destination wedding photographer

many of you know if you are friends with me on facebook that my husband travels alot. it’s part of his job as fund-developer for Gentle Hands, the NGO we volunteer at here in the philippines run by his sister.

someone said to me, you travel a lot too. i said ...

a wee pause || manila destination wedding photographer

since being back from turkey, all last week i had to edit the photos for lonely planet philippines magazine by last friday. ya. a LOT of photos to go thru, cull and then edit :)

but i did it. cuz i’m cool like that. ;)

this week i have work up ...

have passport (and camera!) will travel || travel photographer

i have had many people ask me how i got into travel photography…and everytime i am a little stumped.

ever since i can remember i have wanted to see the world. growing up, my dad had a subscription to those yellow national geographic magazines and everytime there was a map in ...

turkey || destination travel photographer

i am back from TURKEY!

after 8 days - 8 flights, 5 hotels, 4 tour guides and 3 drivers - and 5819 photographs (not including my iPhone pics) later, i can say that i have a new appreciation and love for turkey.

quite honestly i didn’t know much about turkey before the trip…now ...