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i have had many people ask me how i got into travel photography…and everytime i am a little stumped.

ever since i can remember i have wanted to see the world. growing up, my dad had a subscription to those yellow national geographic magazines and everytime there was a map in one, i’d swipe it and onto my wall it went. it was like i wasn’t satisfied with just what i could see with my eyes; i wanted to see it all, as much as i could, experience cultures and peoples of the world.

it was also when i was a young teenager that i felt that one day i would be a missionary somewhere in asia.

funny how life is, hey?

so back to travel photography. i take my camera everywhere. and shoot it like i will never be back, while enjoying it to the fullest. i have thousands, TENS of thousands of photos waiting to be organized and categorized so i can “do something” with all my travel and stock photography.

my love for the world and for people and for travel hasn’t faded..just gotten a little slower - i found on my last trip, to turkey, two days after i got home and my joints are aching. maybe coupled with some exercise and losing some weight, that would help..hehehe..but i definitely can feel my body feeling differently. i suppose it, too, wasn’t a relaxed trip in any regard - purely work, 8 days, long days, 8 flights, 5 hotels. yikes!

but i love it - seeing the world, that is - and i will travel til i die. :)

i looked in my passport, which expires in a year - and i have 10 empty pages left in my 24 page passport. hmmm… i better get busy. :) here’s a peek into my passport…

Upload from November 08, 2011


Upload from November 08, 2011

 philippines, hong kong, paris..

Upload from November 08, 2011

 hong kong, usa, rome..

Upload from November 08, 2011

usa, china, venezia..

Upload from November 08, 2011

 hong kong, philippines, turkey..

Upload from November 08, 2011

latest one back to the philippines from turkey

oh and look at that! i still didn’t really answer my question how i got into travel photography…i guess in one sentence? follow your heart. :)


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