the life as a traveler's wife || manila destination wedding photographer

many of you know if you are friends with me on facebook that my husband travels alot. it’s part of his job as fund-developer for Gentle Hands, the NGO we volunteer at here in the philippines run by his sister.

someone said to me, you travel a lot too. i said, i have traveled 2x this year. not really alot.

i think the thing that i dont like about it, is that i really love being around jonathan..he’s my best friend. and we do so much together. we share life together. and so when he is away, there definitely is a void there.

he is away now…til the end of the month. which is a bummer. there is a lot going on while he is, you know, revolving around the christmas holidays…but the plus about his  job? when he’s not traveling which is ever couple of months, he is home every day when the kids come home from school, he goes into the office early and comes home early.

it’s a win-win really. :)

we are blessed. and so here i am, the traveler’s wife. :) thinking through the next 12 months and all the traveling i potentially will be doing with FOLLOW YOUR HEART TOURS…then i will make a blog post called, the life as a traveling wife. hehe..


i’ll leave you with a few iPhone pics of my assignment in Turkey… more to come on the blog :)

one of the 8 flights in 8 days i took while in turkey

Upload from November 20, 2011

in front of a stone palace in kapadokya

Upload from November 20, 2011

istiklal street - the busiest street in istanbul for pedestrians only!

Upload from November 20, 2011

falling in LOVE with turkey pancakes!

Upload from November 20, 2011

the turks had the country decked out in turkish flags - gorgeous!

Upload from November 20, 2011


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