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istanbul! || travel photographer

we arrived in istanbul at about 530am on saturday am. and i was in desperate need of turkish coffee to get me thru the long yet anticipated day ahead…

Upload from October 30, 2011

our delightful tour guide, ensar islamoglu, greeted us and we drove into the OLD CITY of istanbul and found turksh coffee and ...

#FF - Kym Banguis of HERROHACHI || manila destination wedding photographer

not only has this amazing woman been a subject on my blog several times (their engagement session last december and then their vancouver & manila weddings this year!) she has sucessfully stocked my tshirt drawer with some of my favorite tshirts! these are my current faves i own:

Upload from October 21, 2011

i have known ...

irregular programming from this channel :) || manila destination wedding photographer

that’s right, blog readers…this week has been crazy with trying to get ready for TURKEY tomoro. and instead of trying to sit in front of my computer and do 9 blog posts to schedule while i’m gone, i have decided on this instead, which i think you may still enjoy:


the best of both worlds || manila destination photographer


i cant think of anything better in regards to doing what you love.

i love love. i have blogged lots on my job as a love photographer, photographing couples in love, be it their lifestyle sessions, or their wedding days. there is nothing that i love more than photographing the ...

#FF - cj scott || manila destination wedding photographer

when i first met cj it was in the form of a paper version of her at a party my friends, blue olive, had a number of years ago.

 Upload from October 21, 2011

isn’t that rad or what?! :)

you see, cj was invited to the photogs party but she lives on vancouver island ...

3-in-1...and not the coffee! || manila destination wedding photographer

3-in1. instant coffee phenomena here in the philippines, and probably most of SE Asia. i dont mind it at all. especially when you’re in a hurry and NEED your coffee fix. there are sooo many brands and types. my fave right now is NESCAFE brown & creamy. :)

Upload from October 20, 2011

lover, on ...

happiness is... || manila destination wedding photographer

…being married to your best friend.

happy birthday, Lover! :) 


#FF - john mateos ong || manila destination wedding photographer

john mateos ong. his bio says this:

In 1990, at the age of 18, during my 1st year in College in De La Salle University, I started my events management career by founding “Concepts Plus.” But the industry wasn’t really ready yet for below-the-line events marketing. Three years later ...

the desert is truly a beautiful place || manila destination photographer

i have been to the desert once. not like the sahara or anything.

but to a nevada desert…in the USA.

Upload from October 12, 2011

it was amazing. i have never seen anything like it.

the way the ground was all cracked…how the tumble weeds ACTUALLY tumbled by. the sky’s reflection in the past rains puddles.oh ...

FEATURED! on's W@W Podcast! || Manila Destination Wedding Photographer

in August i was asked by Benz of if i’d like to do a podcast interview. i had NEVER been interviewed and the last time i heard my voice recorded was back in junior high when my friend and i would record us singing Rick Astley songs. hehehe ...

take me to italia...per favore || manila destination wedding photographer

this week would have been the week i head off to delightful ITALY. but things didn’t work out to go this fall.

Upload from October 10, 2011

so instead of pining my heart out about not being there, i decided to do the opposite - start dreaming about next year’s efforts to take a group of photographers ...

i'm back...with a vengence! :) || manila destination wedding photographer’s true. i have not blogged for 2 weeks. HOLY COW. the first week of blogging absence was due to the typhoons and such. all the commotion and power out for some hours. ya. it totally fell by the way side.

and i didn’t even forewarn… [side note: i wonder ...