FEATURED! on WeddingsAtWork.com's W@W Podcast! || Manila Destination Wedding Photographer

in August i was asked by Benz of WeddingsAtWork.com if i’d like to do a podcast interview. i had NEVER been interviewed and the last time i heard my voice recorded was back in junior high when my friend and i would record us singing Rick Astley songs. hehehe. :)

WeddingsAtWork.com is a great hub for everything WEDDING. and they have weekly podcasts of wedding industry professionals.

i loved to be able to not only share about my wedding photography career but also about Gentle Hands. it was really fun talking with Abet & Benz…they are so fun and yet sincere.

grab a coffee and have a listen… :)

thanks again abet & benz!


W@W chat with Abet & Benz of WeddingsAtWork.com

Upload from October 11, 2011


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