the desert is truly a beautiful place || manila destination photographer

i have been to the desert once. not like the sahara or anything.

but to a nevada desert…in the USA.

Upload from October 12, 2011

it was amazing. i have never seen anything like it.

the way the ground was all cracked…how the tumble weeds ACTUALLY tumbled by. the sky’s reflection in the past rains puddles.oh, how the soil was this crazy rich colour.

Upload from October 12, 2011

it was really awesome. it was in the month of not hot or anything. i can only only imagine what it would be like in the summer; you would probably die out there of extreme heat…i’d hate to not have water out there in the summer. that’s for sure.

Upload from October 12, 2011

yet there was this astounding beauty in the desert. it was like the elements carved themselves into its dry land. gave it different colours. reflected the seasons gone by. absolute solitude as there is nothing for miles. it was majestic in its own unique way.

a lot like our lives really.

sometimes the seasons of life are like deserts. parched. hard. cracked. lonely.

no, i’m not in a desert in my spiritual journey of life right now.

but when i do find myself in one, cuz they always come now and again, i will remember these words. and look for the beauty amongst it all.


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