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i cant think of anything better in regards to doing what you love.

i love love. i have blogged lots on my job as a love photographer, photographing couples in love, be it their lifestyle sessions, or their wedding days. there is nothing that i love more than photographing the love between couples.

Upload from October 25, 2011

ok there is one other thing. and it totally ties the rankings with being a “love photographer”.

and that is being able to photograph for an NGO, a non profit organization, GENTLE HANDS, here in manila, philippines.

Upload from October 25, 2011

so vastly different from each other - high-end weddings, with so much beauty and energy and blood, sweat and tears poured into to make it the PERFECT day to represent the couples amazing love. the other - humanitarian work with the poorest of the poor, who will never be able to repay us for what we give to them.

Upload from October 25, 2011

there is something so beautiful in this dycotomy that i live in - photographing gorgeous couples. and photographing gorgeous orphans.

i cannot explain it. but it is completely fulfilling. and i love that each couple that i photograph is directly giving back to these poor ones…how? i give a portion of what i earn on these weddings directly to Gentle Hands, this NGO that takes in these little ones, and nourishing them back to health and finds them forever families.

Upload from October 25, 2011

how awesome is that? YOU are making a difference in these little ones’ worlds.

yes…the best of both worlds indeed. :)


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