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craving some in-and-out || manila destination photographer

you know somedays when you are CRAVING something that you can NOT get?

gah. that’s totally today. it’s monday. there’s a typhoon. jonathan’s traveling.

and i’m craving in-and-out burger BIG time.

Upload from September 26, 2011

Upload from September 26, 2011

Upload from September 26, 2011

Upload from September 26, 2011

Upload from September 26, 2011

Upload from September 26, 2011

Upload from September 26, 2011

see? now you are too. :)

happy monday!


#FF - Miranda Lievers of BLUE OLIVE PHOTOGRAPHY || manila destination wedding photographer

i remember when i first met Miranda and her husband Reilly…it was the first autumn we had moved to vancouver, in 2007. i had contacted her that summer…i was on the prowl - looking for work as a second shooter, checking out all the TOP wedding photographers of vancouver. miranda was ...

newborns are pretty sweet || manila destination photographer

last week i talked about the possibility of doing maternity shots again…maternity sessions are always coupled..with newborn sessions. this week i’m showcases some of my favorite little newborn sessions. cuz newborns are pretty sweet and i think i could probably have a good time photographing them in their natural ...

the martinez family - lifestyle session || manila destination wedding photographer

i don’t often do family lifestyle sessions. but when i do it’s for a great reason. :) one of them being today’s blogpost!

levy is a blogger. and she WON the mother’s day lifestyle session i collaborated with a friend of mine christine, on her blog.

after coordinating our schedules we met up ...

neil & michelle - ceremony & portraits || manila destination wedding photographer

last week i featured the beginning of neil and michelle’s wedding with the getting ready shots.

this week we’re moving on with some ceremony and bridal portraits we took outside the church.

can i just say AGAIN that i love working with PILAR???? :) wanted to be sure i was clear. ;)


my time on the LIDO || manila destination photographer

i love travel. hello. why on EARTH would i not only have travel the theme of my blog design, but also have a DAY each week set aside for anything travel. i was born to travel. i remember as far back as i can remember, my dad subscribed to NATIONAL ...

to jeep or not to jeep, that is the question || manila destination wedding photographer

one of the philippines MAJOR modes of transportation is the jeepney.

here is a brief summary of the jeepney to get you up to speed:

Jeepneys are the most popular means of public transportation in the Philippines.[1] They were originally made from US military jeeps left over from World War II ...

#FF - Jamie Delaine || manila destination wedding photographer

i love my FOLLOW-A-FABULOUS-PERSON friday posts.. i love that every person i’ve asked to be a part has glady excepted! (except for those who are in the middle of having babies, moving, etc - that is definitely understandable, but we will get them on here NEXT YEAR!!) it’s ...

and then my heart was full || manila photographer

70 women. 70 headshots.

last february i went to the corrections institute for women (CIW) otherwise knows as the women’s prison. my motherinlaw was speaking at an event there. i went along to take photographs…that i wouldnt be able to show to the public, being as they are inside the prison.

but ...

neil & michelle - shooting with pilar || manila destination wedding photographer

when i first came to manila i saw a billboard on my way to gentle hands every day i passed by a certain section on EDSA, a main thoroughfare in metro manila. it actually had this on it:

Upload from September 15, 2011

do you notice anything in it? ya. there is ONE chick in it ...

the philippines in b&w || manila destination photographer

i have been on my computer ALL day processing images. so today’s TRAVEL TUESDAY post is gonna be less wordy and more photoy. :)

i decided to take some photos i’d taken in the philippnies over the years and put a funky b&w finish to them. not sure what i ...

i think i need some serious chocolate..and i ain't buntis! || manila photographer

holy cow. i’m sooooo behind with editing. that sore eyes dealio in august that was almost a month of not being able to see really put me back. this week is dedicated to getting ALL my editing complete… wish me luck. and feel free to send copious amounts of chocolate ...

#FF - Benz Co-Rana || manila destination wedding photographer

the first communication i had with benz was over a year ago when a fellow vancouver photographer friend, gracci (who will be featured on this #FF soon!)who gave me some contacts of wedding industry peeps here in manila, as we were planning our move the next year and they ...

happy 1st anniversary brock & angelica || manila destination wedding photographer


 Upload from September 07, 2011

i have known ang for many years. she is one of the most creative people i know. and when she commissioned me for her wedding to brock, i could not be more delighted!

you see, ang not only did a DIY wedding, but she MADE her wedding dress. ya ...

the city of oaks - raleigh, NC || manila travel photographer

i had went to raleigh, north carolina to second shoot with another wedding photographer from vancouver. i had never been to north carolina. i had no idea what to expect. someone said it’s “the south”, then shuttered. chuckle. i went with an open mind and explored a city and state ...

you can be SMUG about it! || manila destination wedding photographer

if you know anything about me, you know that i love people and love bringing them together!

and doing it again here in manila - by pioneering the first SMUG group in the philippines!

i cannot tell you how excited i am! i am co-leading the group with renowned philippines travel photographer ferdz ...

#FF - Jeanette Kornelson || manila destination wedding photographer

not only is she one HECKUVA talented lady, but she is SO.MUCH.FUN. jeanette kornelson, the mastermind behind Delovely Creative, has been in the business, in fact her business - Delovely Creative - of making events absolutely stunning for over 7 years!

i had the immense pleasure of working with her at ...