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i love my FOLLOW-A-FABULOUS-PERSON friday posts.. i love that every person i’ve asked to be a part has glady excepted! (except for those who are in the middle of having babies, moving, etc - that is definitely understandable, but we will get them on here NEXT YEAR!!) it’s so awesome to be able to show the readers of my blog people i think are awesome, who are friends, who i WANT to be friends with, who i think YOU should be friends with..hehehe.. ya.. it’s one of my favorite parts of the week!

and this week’s fave person is no different!

when i was living in vancouver i was quite extensively involved in the wedding industry. not only second shooting but organizing networking events and such. i had a list of all the van photogs blogs that i loved to follow. jamie was one of them. her unwaving faith, her youthful tenacity, her love for travel, her passion for her craft. she was definitely someone i loved “following”.

shooting her first wedding when she was still a teenager, jamie, no doubt, has made her mark as a wedding creative. i had the priviledge of second shooting with her last september - that wedding HERE - it was fun. i must say i was really impressed at her bang-on exposures every single time… you’re my hero, jamie. ;) hehe.. but seriously. the way you choose to live your life…that is such a testimony of your character. go big…go high…the world is your canvas, jamie!

i’m so thrilled to present to my follow-a-favorite-person-blogpost, miss jamie. thanks for taking time out of your busy summer craziness to be featured!


Upload from September 17, 2011

TLH: what is the favorite part of what you do (business wise)?
Jamie: my favourite part of my job is meeting new people and hearing their life stories. i love hearing about the trials and triumphs in the lives of individuals and then seeing their stories come together in a dating relationship, an engagement and a marriage. — but you said business wise? that’s a part of my business. but on the more behind-the-scenes side of things, i really enjoy blogging and sharing my heart.

TLH: how did you get started? everyone asks, i know, but peeps wanna know!
Jamie: i started photography when i was sixteen years old: that was the first time i got paid for taking someone’s picture. i second-shot two weddings as a seventeen year old with a photographer i connected with online. i put those wedding images on my portrait website and simply put “weddings start at $1000”—i booked a wedding a few months later through word-of-mouth. at this time, i already had a blog and a facebook fan page and the word spread pretty fast about this “young girl” starting a business. my first full season of weddings was in 2008 and i just wrapped up my fourth summer.
Upload from September 17, 2011
TLH: if you could live anywhere in the world for a year, money not an issue, where would it be and why?
Jamie: ah! too big of a question! i love traveling, i love seeing the world. okay off the top of my head, the almalfi coast comes to mind—one of my favourite places i’ve ever visited. but i think the summer heat would kill me & so would the slow cultural pace. it’d be good for me: but it might kill me. i struggle with learning how to relax. some other places i love include montreal, boston, santa barbara, san diego, seattle, edinburgh… though in reality, i don’t think i’d want to live anywhere else than british columbia.

TLH: favorite story/memory of past client/work/project
Jamie: i definitely have weddings that stand out in my mind as super-fun experiences. i don’t know if i could pick just one, but some of my absolute favourite weddings were: heidi & bryce’s backyard wedding in kitchener, alison & ryan’s wedding on the sunshine coast and veronica & henry’s wedding in agassiz.

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TLH: what is your favorite foods to eat? to make? to buy?
Jamie: i have a lot of food intolerances: dairy, wheat, soy. so it makes cooking really interesting. unfortunately i’m not a cook… at all. BUT I WANT TO LEARN. so badly. that’s one of my goals for this next year. i love eating really simple food: i eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, grilled chicken, fish, ground turkey, eggs, any kind of rice product and lots of salad.
 Upload from September 17, 2011
TLH: where do you see yourself in your biz and life in 5 years?
Jamie: my business in five years… wow, i’ll be finishing up my ninth summer of weddings which seems amazing. i’ll also be 26—and as a newly-turned 21 year old that seems so far off. ;) i hope to still be shooting weddings of couples that i love, but turning down work in the off-season or little extra things that fill my schedule but don’t give me joy. in life? i’d like to be married. more importantly, single or not, i’d like to have traveled some more cool places: back to europe again, to australia, through the united states a bit more, back to the east coast of canada. i want to have grown leaps and BOUNDS in my relationship with Jesus. i want to know Him as my sole provider, my sole source of life and joy and strength and peace. whatever it takes for me to know that, i’m down!

TLH: how do you want to be remembered?
Jamie: as someone sold out for the gospel of Jesus Christ. i don’t care about anybody remembering me for anything else.
check out jamie’s sweet bio video!
Upload from September 17, 2011
to see Jamie’s portfolio and check out her super blog check it at:

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