well that went by fast now, didn't it? || manila destination wedding photographer

the last post i was able to get up here was on the 17th of jan. it is now the 10th of feb.


can i just say i’m glad to NOT be sick anymore? i had my final “relapse” of that crazy flu after i was out of town shooting a destination wedding with pilar… GAH! the upside? we got some KILLER photos which will be posted next week… :)

we had visitors from canada for 3 weeks…this week has been a quiet week - not only did we not have visitors, but caleb has been gone for his Outdoor Ed for school all week. on sunday a next batch of visitors come - my cousin, who is like a brother, and his wife will be here for 12 days…and then my sister comes in the day after they arrive here, for almost 4 months.

good fun, no!? :)

there is so much going on here…and so much coming on the blog…

~ #FF will be coming back every friday, featuring an amazingly fabulous person!

~ promotion for my travel tours, Follow Your Heart and this April’s phototour to Italy with guest photog Pilar Tuason.

~ all sorts of love and wedding goodness!

~ more travel photos from turkey, italy, philippines and various gorgeous places in north america!

~ what SMUG metro manila has been up to and will be up to.

~ giveaways!!

~ one day photo workshops here in manila

and a whole lot more!

Upload from February 10, 2012

so come back monday and 2012 blogging will have commenced!

thanks for reading and be patient! :)


if you could see me blog about something specific, what would it be about?

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