18 days...enough is enough already || manila destination wedding photographer

18 days ago i got sick.

about a week ago i was almost better.

then i caught something else and have been in bed since saturday night, except for pulling myself together today to shoot a corporate gig for a friend.

i’m sick and tired of being sick and tired.

and it’s in the tropics - being hot AND sick is so uncomfy.

ok enough whining about that. :)

my big plans for this blog got jolted and have been on hold. i can barely sit in front of my laptop on my lap to get anything done.

sorry about that friends!

vicks vapor rub, ascorbic acid, strepsols and water and ORS have been my best friend these last days.

but i gotta tell ya. i’m BORED. as in B-O-R-E-D.

i have two days to get better, so to speak - or on the road to better - i am shooting a destination wedding with my lovely friend pilar out of town, and will be away 3 days.

anyhow, i thought i’d post something on my very lonely blog. :)

until next post,


what sorts of things do you do, minus a computer, when you are sick?

and a photo blog isn’t a photo blog without a photo..so here are a few of my lovely manila.. :)







Erin Lowe
I love to read when I'm sick! (as long as I have someone to watch the kidlets of course!). Beautiful photos! You have a real gift!
erin - yes...reading is something i used to do sooo much before kiddies...perhaps i should rekindle that..thanks for the suggestion! and for the kind words. xo

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