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the definition of HIATUS is as follows:

a break or interruption in the continuity of a work, series, action, etc.

yep..that’s exactly what happened.

to some of you this may sound absolutely ridiculous…absurd…unreal. to others, namely those who have lived in metro manila or the philippines or any 3rd world for that matter…you can feel my pain.

you see, there has been no internet in my home studio for almost 2 months. and that’s a big deal. especially to a photographer and a part-time media person for an NGO here in manila.

yes..this poses a problem. and for some unknown reason, my office is the ONLY room in the house that the wi-fi REFUSES to go to. nice. not really.

one begins to question lots. why suddenly do i not have internet wi-fi in my office? and have i done something to piss off the internet gods?? (although i dont believe in internet gods, this thought did pop into my mind once) or what on EARTH am i supposed to be learning in this situation?? cuz you know…EVERY situation is a learning situation. hehehe.. :)

i COULD have hauled my computer and harddrives back and forth into my bedroom. but i didn’t.

i COULD have gone through hard drives to get needed photos and then put them on USB drives. but i didn’t.

i COULD have done a million things to MAKE it work and bring you blog post after blog post and no HIATUS. but i didn’t.

now you might be asking WHY DIDN’T YOUHEPPNER???!

or not.

but if you are….the answer is something that may, or may not, be sufficient: because i honestly wasn’t driven enough to. and i really needed a break.

lame? maybe. real? most definitely.

i have been “blogging” for many years now. i think i started in 2005. that’s 7 years. not a regular blogger. in waves..but always blogging. i have many blogs. some private. some community. and then some business.

last july i decided to try blogging a different way. monday to friday with a specific topic each day. it really worked pretty good for me. ya i skipped days or slacked. but on a whole, blogging the 2nd part of last year really worked for me.

but then with a bunch of visitors (all of which were oh, so wonderful to have!) at christmas and then some more for 3 weeks in jan and then 2 weeks later some more for 2 weeks, blogging seemed to be at the back of my priorities..and honestly felt more of a chore than a joy.

so that’s when i decided i’d wait a bit. til when? i didn’t know. but i waited. and now…i feel like it’s time for me to go back at it again.

so what will you, as a blog reader, expect to see now?

THAT is a great question. :)

so here’s my blogging format for this season of life:

mondays - the voyage snaps- i have so many places i want to show you.. places i’ve been to… gems of different cities and countries that i have found over the years. shamelessly promoting my photo tours. anything travel - it’ll be featured on mondays. cuz mondays are usually doozies and we gotta start the week of right! :)

Upload from March 04, 2012

{these are a few of my “treasures” from my travels…}

tuesdays - heart beats - i’ll post soemthing dear to my heart..where i am in life…or something i read/saw the last week that STUCK with me. some food for the soul. :)

Upload from March 04, 2012

{one of my kids made a paper mache lamp for me many, many years ago…this is part of it..it’s makes me smile. it’s filled with so much love.. my heart.}

wednesdays - WEdnesdays - WE is us, you and me..community. wednesdays will be featuring stuff going on in communities that people need to know about…like SMUG metro manila, or NGOs like Gentle Hands, and so much more. WE. love we. :)

Upload from March 04, 2012

{here in the philippines, a basketball net is an INSTANT way to get people, no matter what race or age, together. this is ours outside our house..it has brought many together..friends, neighbors and strangers}

thursdays - my photography notebook - thursdays seem like a good day to show you some of my favorite portfolio work and other work that i simply LOVE.

Upload from March 04, 2012

{i first started my journey of photography by way of film. i have boxes of old negatives, like this one. these hold so many amazing photographs..i will show them, one by one…}

fridays - follow a fabulous person is still going to be friday’s focus. i love featuring people who i love and inspire me. and i want them to do the same for you!

Upload from March 04, 2012

{i have hundreds..yes HUNDREDS of business cards. i love connecting people together. referring people to other people. it’s a gift, i suppose. and i want to share so many amazingly FABULOUS people with you!}

there it is. 2012’s new blog schedule. for you to enjoy, yes..but mostly for me. blogging does a heart good.

see you tomoro! :)


ps - we ran a hardline up to my office. i have internet now. i am happy. i dont know why the wi-fi doens’t like my office. but i have internet and other things i could use my brain for to figure out than silliness like that.  :)

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