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it started many years ago…. as a birthing clinic for the urban poor in metro manila. my motherinlaw, denie, started something pretty darn good, along with her hubs, my fatherinlaw. when jonathan and i moved to the philippines the first time, in 1996, that’s what i did - i was a lay midwife at gentle hands birthing clinic. it was really cool. i also started a little “sunday school” sort of thing for the the little children who came with their mothers for their prenatal exams.

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my inlaws - denie and dennis heppner

god’s hand-picked kids - GH kids. :) the mothers not only had amazing prenatal care, but they were also taught about faith and relationship with jesus. i saw the little kids bored and thought - “now why dont i try and do something with them?”. so i did - i had one of the midwives translate entire lessons with me in tagalog, so that i taught in tagalog..we had a story and crafts and a snack. it was awesome. :)

the year before we moved back to canada, jonathan’s older sister, charity, her husband evan and their family moved to manila - what a cool year to all be together there in manila. after we left in 2001, mom and dad heppner eventually turned gentle hands over to charity and evan - they were both teachers and had a heart for the young boys in particular who were uneducated and were on the street.

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my other inlaws - evan and charity graff

thus began the journey of where Gentle Hands is today - a child care agency on the front lines of rescue and rehabilitation of the medical, social and educational needs of at-risk children and youth, working towards improving human community life through the love of Jesus and family centered care.

and this is where i have been volunteering several days a week for the last 15 or so months. it has been such a blessing to my heart to be around all the kids there. they are some of the most amazing littles i have ever met. every one so individual. they are truly one big family there. and to be able to watch some of them reunite with their families or find adoptive families from the philippines and abroad - WOW. a forever family is a beautiful thing i tell you.

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everything about the vision and mission of gentle hands i totally love - the children that come into the center are absolute treasures…some so very wounded emotionally and physically…actually… most are.. sigh.

but gentle hands has made quite a name for itself in the last 10 years since my sisterinlaw has been running it. it’s cool the amazing milestones the NGO has accomplished in such a short time.

gentle hands - a place of love for anyone, no matter age, gender and social status.

my motherinlaw used to have a motto for the midwifery clinic - loving hearts, gentle hands. the DNA of that is so vividly clear to this day.

check out their website to learn more and read my sisterinlaws blogposts…they are truly moving and will make you want to reach out and help in any way you can and know how to.

for love of the poor,


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