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only being in manila for over a year, i have been meeting lots of people in the photo and wedding industry, online and in person. connecting is one of my favorite things.
when i was doing a search of make-up artists, i came across rose’s name and looked up her facebook page and loved what i saw. her artistry is very broad - she does gorgeous bridal make-up - natural yet glamorous. and her editorial work is outstanding. she simply stood out for me as a great artist.
i wanted to feature rose’s artistry on my #FF blog - i think more people need to know her, if they don’t already!
today may i introduce to you, rose of rose stein hair & make-up artist. thanks rose for taking the time to connect and hope to meet you in “real”, real soon! :)
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TLH: what is the favorite part of what you do (business/organization wise)?
Rose: Apart from the earning i get from doing make up and making brides and people show their beautiful selves, It’s when i see the smile on their face after i done my work. It’s the happiness i get from it from making them happy. Also meeting different people all over and expanding my network group. I also love to be part of their weddings and to witness such meaningful ceremonies. 
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TLH: how did you get started? everyone asks, i know, but peeps wanna know! 
Rose: I used to work in the modeling industry, doing tv commercials, print ads, shows and events. I was surrounded with artists half of my life and so when i decided to do something else, make up business was one of my top lists. I love make up. I started it last 2010 when i first took my class at Make up forever basic and bridal class then H.D and airbrush class at CAS
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TLH: if you could live anywhere in the world for a year, money not an issue, where would it be and why?
Rose: Oh it’s going to be Paris perhaps! I never been but i’ve seen enough of beautiful things about the place, i would love to explore the city, learn the language and fall in love! Cheesy it may sound but i wanna do that! I can do for a year i will not complain! LOL
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TLH: a favorite story/memory of past client/work/project
Rose: My first wedding work. it was full of excitement and so happy that everybody loved my work, that time i knew i made the right choice.
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TLH: what is your favorite foods to eat? to make? to buy? why?
Rose: Being an artist, i appreciate all  the good things in life especially the food! I took up culinary arts about 6 years ago, i love trying any cuisines, i love spicy foods, italian, french, asian, i think i love them all!  
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TLH: where do you see yourself in your biz and life in 5 years?
Rose: I dream to make a big name in wedding industry, to be known for the quality of service i give to my clients. Aside from make up, i want to be a wedding coordinator or supply other stuffs in wedding business. Just thinking big, it’s free to dream anyway!
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TLH: how do you want to be remembered? 
Rose: I want to be remembered not just for the service i give to my clients but also for being a person with a good heart. That one day they remember i made them happy.
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to see more of rose stein hair & make-up artist, visit her on the web at:

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Sarah - Makeup Artist Philippines
Nice! Impressive and professional work by Rose.

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