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yes i just used BLOODY in my blog post title. relax. :)

but seriously. it amazes me still, after experiencing it myself, how one SINGLE mosquito can take out a person with dengue fever.

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a nasty little mosquito photo courtesy of wiki

lover (if you dont know i affectionately call and have called my husband that for almost 17 years) suddenly came down with the high fevers in the early hours of thursday last week while we were still at the beach.

paracetamol and lots of liquids have been his friend right now. the moaning and pain he is in almost kills me.

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bedside paracetamol..

and if i’m really honest, which i will be today, cuz it’s heart beats tuesday, i have really struggled with him being this sick.

everytime he flies or goes somewhere for any length of time more than a week, my mind goes into a sudden panic - what if he doesn’t come back? what will we do? where will we go? how will we cope? how will i cope??

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the morning ritual - getting his blood checked at the hospital down the road to make sure his blood count and platelets dont get too low and are going up as the days progress…he’s SO thrilled to do this every day… no, not really.

these are all very real questions and fears i have EVERY SINGLE TIME HE GOES AWAY. and many of you know how often he goes away.

and him being sick this last week is no exception. of course there is always SOME chance of any sickness to go the wrong way…and so, my brain is in panic mode. and being i’m not so medical and am heavily relying on my veteran inlaws for dengue advice, i feel somewhat “special needs”. :)

at one point when he was so very ill, i said to him, i’m going don’t go anywhere. and dont you DARE die on me, jokingly, but also seriously.

lover looked at me, and said, babe…you really need to “go there” and figure out why you have such a great fear about me dying.

yes dear, you’re right, i do need to go there. but not whilst you are sick. i’ll deal with my heart once i know you are out of the woods and recovering. :)

Upload from March 20, 2012

today’s blood tests…can i also give a plug here to the country of the philippines? canada medical system,  take note: here, for under $10 we can get a complete bloodcount, rbc and platelet count done and back in 20 minutes. you should try it. :)

any prayers you can offer on behalf of lover would be incredibly coveted and really rad of you. :) thanks.


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