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tregonings - saskatchewan lifestyle session {FAMILY}

the love i have for these 4 is remarkable. they are friends who are family. and they are some of my most favorite people on the planet.

matt & kim also do a remarkable job balancing cultivating their relationship and parenting their littles. it’s such a joy to watch the little ...

steph & kent - regina lifestyle session {LOVE}

i think i first met steph back in 2001, right when we moved back from the manila, philippines to estevan, saskatchewan, canada. she was in our youth group. not only was she this gorgeous young lady who was quiet yet so fun, she played the bass guitar. she was my ...

follow your heart tours || PUGLIA, ITALY - April 6-13, 2013

Mark your calendars for the italian tour of 2013!


Puglia…also known as Italy’s “heel”. It has it all…all except the tourists! Puglia has some of the
most brilliant seas, the most diverse culture and architecture, the most delectable cuisine, and
some even say the most kindest people in Italy.





Our authentic ...