krung thai - the best thai restaurant in the metro...IMHO || travel photographer

after my family lifestyle session with the Nichols family we went over to marikina to grab some thai to eat.

i’m not familiar with marikina and always up for something new, so i was stoked to go.

and there lay, a little hole-in-the-wall resto that, in my opinion, has the best thai cuisine in the metro. :)

201304_krung thai-1.jpg

201304_krung thai-2.jpg

201304_krung thai-3.jpg

201304_krung thai-5.jpg

201304_krung thai-4.jpg

201304_krung thai-6.jpg

201304_krung thai-13.jpg

201304_krung thai-14.jpg

201304_krung thai-15.jpg

201304_krung thai-17.jpg

201304_krung thai-7.jpg

 and in corner of the resto was a part where you could shop for convenient.. ;)

201304_krung thai-8.jpg

201304_krung thai-9.jpg

201304_krung thai-12.jpg

 i especially liked the shoes - it shouldn’t be surprising though, as we ARE in marikina, shoe capital!

201304_krung thai-16.jpg

201304_krung thai-11.jpg

thanks nichols for taking me here! it was awesome!!!! can’t wait to go back with, lover!


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