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victoria & cardo - reception || second shooting with Pilar Tuason

The third installment of Victoria and Cardo’s wedding will be their lovely reception! Held at the Blue Leaf Pavillion in McKinley Hill,  near the Fort, it was the perfect background for this lovely affair… Enjoy their celebration!








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Victoria & Cardo - the portraits || second shooting with Pilar Tuason

the fourth and final installment of victoria and cardo’s lovely wedding.

we had a good lot of time to take their bridal portraits. and the venues were divine - outside san antonio church in forbes park, makati and then at the home of cardo’s parents, also forbes park.

these two are simply stunning ...

PUGLIA, ITALY - Oct 26 - Nov 2, 2013 || why you should come :)

so i decided to scout out the interwebs and give you a list of all the REMARKABLE reasons WHY you should come to PUGLIA, ITALY this coming OCTOBER 2013.


taken from LONELY PLANET:

Puglia is sun-bleached landscapes, seascapes and silver olive groves; hilltop and coastal towns; factories and power stations ...

next stop: INDIA

in just 2 days i will be getting on a plane and heading for INDIA.

it will be my first time in india. and the primary focus of the trip is NOT for travel pleasure. no infact it is to “scout” some land and building that was given to my ...

victoria & cardo - ceremony || second shooting with Pilar Tuason


today’s post will be the 2nd installment of the lovely wedding of victoria and cardo - their beautiful ceremony at san antonio church in forbes park, makati.


xo tracey





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