Victoria & Cardo - the portraits || second shooting with Pilar Tuason

the fourth and final installment of victoria and cardo’s lovely wedding.

we had a good lot of time to take their bridal portraits. and the venues were divine - outside san antonio church in forbes park, makati and then at the home of cardo’s parents, also forbes park.

these two are simply stunning! and you can see their adoration of each other in their photos. so awesome to photograph couples like this!





20120914_cardovicky-0700 copy.jpg

20120914_cardovicky-0687 copy.jpg

20120914_cardovicky-0661 copy.jpg

20120914_cardovicky-0818 copy.jpg


20120914_cardovicky-0930 copy.jpg

20120914_cardovicky-0927 copy.jpg


20120914_cardovicky-0921 copy.jpg

20120914_cardovicky-0739 copy.jpg

20120914_cardovicky-0728 copy.jpg

20120914_cardovicky-0581 copy.jpg

20120914_cardovicky-0570 copy.jpg

20120914_cardovicky-0559 copy.jpg


20120914_cardovicky-0787 copy.jpg

20120914_cardovicky-0778 copy.jpg

20120914_cardovicky-0758 copy.jpg

20120914_cardovicky-0797 copy.jpg

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