las casas filipinas de acuzar || bataan, philippines - travel photographer

pilar, a fashion and wedding photographer that i work with who has become one of my dearest friends, asked me last october while i was in my photographers block/funk, if i’d like to come out to bataan where she was doing a post-bridal shoot of her couple… she said the place would be inspiring.

so i decided to pick up my camera after 4 months and off to bataan i went with her.

the place we were shooting the bridal portraits was las casas filipinas de acuzar - A-MAZING place! (i even took some bridal photos that i’ll eventually post up here too!!)

little did i know that what i was about to experience totally jump-started my drive for photographing again! here are some of the shots from that day…a day i will remember…a day i got my mojo back. thanks, Pilar xo

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