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It has literally been MONTHS since I have paid any amount of attention to this poor blog. There is no excuse except for letting life get too busy to carve out “me” time and blog time.

I have looked back at my blog patterns and I decided i’m going to go back to some of them…

 HEART BEATS - sharing a little about what’s going on in my life personally, what is new, etc…the 411 on me. :) 


this may be my favorite one - THE VOYAGE SNAPS - a post about somewhere i have traveled to recently or in the past.


 FOLLOW A FABULOUS PERSON - there are so many amazing people in my networks of friends, acquaintances and other. some of them are so incredible that i simply cannot keep it to myself. :)


 MY PHOTOGRAPHY NOTEBOOK - simply put, a project i am currently or have worked on for amazing clients.


WEdnesdays - WE, you and me - community. This is where I will post something going on in either the NGO I work in or another NGO that I know of.


I’m not going to post every day, but i will post often… so be sure to subscribe to this blog’s RSS feed and stay current.


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Always enjoy your posts! Looking forward to more.

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