Photographers - YOU NEED TO READ THIS

You know we (my family and I) live in Manila, PH. We moved back here Dec 2010…over 3 years already! CRAZY
If you are friends with me on FB or have stumbled upon anything I post, you will know we are heavily involved in reaching out to the poor and in need. You can also check out our family site to get up to speed:
We are involved in yet another new exciting new project - renovating, furnishing and starting a children’s home, or orphanage, in India, outside of Chennai. The need for this home is great. There are OVER 20 million orphans in India. No, we cannot help them all. But we can help some.
We are super excited about this! The renovations have just begun and our goal is to open by the end of the year (fingers crossed!). We are currently searching and meeting with India couples who can potentially be the Home Parents of the children that will be at Gentle Hands of India.
One of the major things in any project of this sort is funding.WHOA - DON’T READING THIS. WAIT FOR A MINUTE BEFORE YOU DO. :)
We are currently raising awareness and funds for the renovating. We are about half way there of the $55,000 we will need for renos, and then an additional $10,000ish for furnishing etc. We expect it will cost $8000 a month to run.
Huge numbers. And so I have been brainstorming, thinking, wondering how on EARTH can we, us all, even reach this.
And this is where YOU come in. 
You are a photographer. An amazing one. That is why we are friends. Just kidding..hehehe..sorta. ;) We know each other in one way or another. 
And you probably have THOUSANDS of files of gorgeous photos that you don’t touch. You know, like the ones that you shoot while on holidays or vacations. The ones you make and go, “wow, that’s sweet, I should blow that up, make a book, etc etc etc”
We have a charitable foundation based in the USA - LOVE DOES FOUNDATION - on FB: - that has an online store ( where all the funds raised from the sales of their store go to projects…and GENTLE HANDS OF INDIA is one of them!
Would YOU consider donating one (or more!) high resolution photo to us? A photo that would be considered a fine art photograph (examples off the top of my head: historical places, orphanages around the world, children, landscape)
We will have a gallery of photos that people can order and LOVE DOES FOUNDATION  will get the photos printed - either printed and framed or canvas wrapped - as the orders come in.
Not only will your photo help Gentle Hands of India, time and time again as it is purchased, but you will be “giving” through it’s purchase each time. THAT is an awesome thing to be a part of! And as an added bonus, it will also be free advertising for you - your website to your photo(s) will be on the there. Cool right?! :)
We do hope you are able to help us love the kids of India through this Children’s Home. 
For more information on where we are at with our India Children’s Home, please visit us at:
Email me if you are interested. Or have questions. Or anything else. Or if you want to email just because. :)
Also if you are interested in being involved in different ways in our India project - volunteering, visiting the home, etc - please let me know. :)
Together WE can make a difference. 
I truly believe that with all my heart. 
That’s why we do what we do and believe what we believe.
Much love,
xo Tracey 
(Photo NOT mine…a google image- just to be clear!)

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amazing idea, trace! i love it, and i also believe that together, we can make a difference. i will look through my archives tomorrow! xoxoxox!

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