Blogging can be a daunting thing, like cleaning out the storage shed || Travel Photographer & NGO Advocate

Right? I mean really..who LONGS for cleaning out that storage room or shed that you continually stuff into and hope it won’t explode the next time you open the door?

I kind of think of blogging like that daunting task: I think about blogging often. More than I ACTUALLY blog.

Let’s get real…it’s time consuming. And how do i know what to blog, day in an day out? And WRITE about???

So instead of feeling bad for NOT blogging and feeling overwhelmed WITH blogging as i have know blogging to be, I have decided to do blogging differently from today on.

I am going to do my best to post one simple photo. maybe it will happen every day. maybe it won’t. maybe it will have words. maybe it won’t. And sometimes I will blog more in depth or stories or specific topics and sessions.

But today I begin. A simple photo. :)

 Makati City, Philippines

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