Making travel photos with a smart phone?! || Turkey Travel Photographer

As I continue to travel, and as I continue to get older, I think I may be getting a wee wiser. :)

I love traveling light. What do I mean by light? By using a single backpack.

No having to wait for your luggage.

No pushing a luggage cart around.

Being able to be super mobile with your simple backpack.

As a travel who wants to fully immerse myself in the culture and local life, traveling light is definitely something I aim for.

I took my gear when I was commissioned to shoot for Lonely Planet Philippines in 2011, but I also took my then iPhone 4 and grabbed a plethora of fun shots. 

Here’s a few from that trip to Turkey:
















 I mean of course, they are not top quality shots, BUT they are great snaps that captured parts of the trip.

 It’s not about the gear - its about the photographer, your eye and how your frame what you are seeing.

Remember that the next time you are cursing that you don’t have the latest camera for your holidays.

;) xotracey

Speaking of next trip - Next month - JULY - I will be hosting a Turkish Night in Forbes Park, Makati. We will have an authentic Turkish Meal, as well as a presentation of this fall’s AMAZING tour to Turkey. AND a short talk on how to make better travel photographs.

If you are in Metro Manila, you should consider coming. Details on the Turkish Night ticket cost will be available in the next week. Check my Facebook page for update. :)

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