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lonely planet philippines magazine - on assignment: TURKEY || travel photographer

 Upload from April 20, 2012

i am not one to boast, or gloat or brag. at all.

but i figure with my 40th birthday a week away and the timing of this all, that this was perhaps one good reason to do such things. :)

in november i was asked by a dear friend ...

#FF - Rose Stein Hair & Make-Up Artist || manila destination wedding & travel photographer

only being in manila for over a year, i have been meeting lots of people in the photo and wedding industry, online and in person. connecting is one of my favorite things.
when i was doing a search of make-up artists, i came across rose’s name and looked up ...

#FF - fran chelico photography || philippines destination wedding photographer

 i can’t remember EXACTLY where i met frannie, as i lovingly call her…it was vancouver. probably through a vancouver wedding photographer group meetup or gathering of some sort. I had the pleasure of second shooting for her on several occasions. and i LOVED it. not only is she super talented ...

my photography notebook - seasoned love || manila destination wedding & travel photographer

Upload from March 04, 2012

i have been working on a personal project for several years now…one that is near and dear to my heart.

you see…i LOVE older people. as in senior citizens. ALL of them. yes, even the grumpy ones. :)

and i especially love watching an “older couple” interact with each other…how they ...

WEdnesdays - be a part of SMUG || manila destination wedding & travel photographer

Upload from March 04, 2012

last september, myself along with travel photographer ferdz decena embarked on something new, not only in the philippines but in asia. we started the first SMUG group.

Upload from March 07, 2012

what is SMUG? it’s basically a bunch of photographer nuts - be it professional, hobbyists or wannabees - who come together once a month and ...

have passport (and camera!) will travel || travel photographer

i have had many people ask me how i got into travel photography…and everytime i am a little stumped.

ever since i can remember i have wanted to see the world. growing up, my dad had a subscription to those yellow national geographic magazines and everytime there was a map in ...

hong kong - where east meets west || manila destination wedding photographer

it’s one of the major hubs into asia. and rightfully so. with a global economy and being an important business capital in the world, it bridges the east and west so naturally.

hong kong was under british rule until 1997 (i remember when it happened - we had been in manila, the ...

canada vs the philippines - personal || destination photographer

what a title for my Talking-from-the-Heart Thursday post, hey?

really it’s not gonna be a battle royale. :)

if you haven’t stayed up to snuff on my blog, i was in canada for 2 weeks in june to shoot the delightfully fun wedding of KYM & WINMARK. i had known ...

this month's wallpaper - HONG KONG || destination photographer

 can i just say, again, how truly blessed i am to be able to travel as much as i do and shoot a zillion photos?? ya. i am. big time. :)

june’s wallpaper is a little i included two. :) i love the bright, colourful signage of hong kong ...

these faces - personal || vancouver photographer

some of you may know that we are moving overseas. we lived in overseas before. from 1996-2001 manila, philippines was our home. we gave birth to both our kiddies there.

and now, 9 years later, we have decided to move back.

for more info about our move go to our personal blog ...

hong kong - the vault series || vancouver photographer

hong kong is one of my favorite cities..i’m not sure if it’s the 360 degree circle of high rises amidst water…or the amazing red and other colours that POP out at you..maybe it’s the crazy taxi drivers..nah, it’s not. :)

jonathan and i celebrated our FIRST anniversary ...