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la union lifestyle session || destination photographer

 Upload from March 17, 2012

the last time i did a lifestyle session with  my sister must have been at least a couple or 3 years ago…we were due. and our landscape of la union coastline was perfect…

my sister came to manila over a month ago…she’s here til june. it’s been so great having ...

heart beats - i am a firstborn || manila destination wedding & travel photographer

this is not a recent revelation for me. not one bit.

i’m the oldest in my family of origin… the firstborn. there’s a lot that comes with being a firstborn. some stuff that is expected of you, said or silent. you are your parents experiment child; the one they try and ...

a little something new...for you! || destination photographer

in my efforts to stay “connected” to the world i know i need to blog more often. and with intention.

one of the ways i thought of was by having a monthly “wallpaper” for you to download. they are taken from my travels. i was inspired by one of my favorite ...

ryan & jessica - boracay bridal session || destination wedding photographer

one of the most glorious places i’ve been to is located right here in the philippines. the island of boracay is a dream of sorts. what was once a deserted island with nobody but locals on it, has become a getaway tropical paradise that has a place for everyone. the ...

the vault series - cannon beach || vancouver photographer

today i am pining for cannon beach..what an awesome summer holiday we had last year.. not sure if we’ll even be able to make it there this fall..oh how i hope we do..before we move across the pond… *sigh*

enjoy the beauty..just can’t get enough.. :)

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