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assisi - follow your heart tour || destination photographer

back to getting some of my italy photos up on the blog.. life has been consumed with getting ready for our big move. so here i am in the okanagan during the holiday week and i am trying to find time here too.. i’m seeing a pattern. i need to ...

kym & winmark - lifestyle session || destination photographer

when i found out kym and winmark got engaged, i couldn’t be more happy! i have known kym since…hmmm..well…at least 6 years. we go to her dad’s church. she supplies me with great merchandise from her fun company, herrohachi. whenever i see her, she is always smiling. and has ...

vogue sposa - bridal session - spoleto, italy

i can’t believe it’s been 4 days since i left italia! what an amazing almost 2 weeks spent in one of my most favorite countries. my time with max, cristiana and fede was so wonderful…the FOLLOW YOUR HEART TOUR was outstanding! it was such a great trip. albeit i missed ...

happy 5 shari lee & mikey v! || destination wedding photographer

5 years ago at a ranch in southern saskatchewn, small town farmgirl, shari and her “city boy” from the Hat, mike, tied the knot.

who knew that today they’d be living downtown vancouver in a super cute gastown condo?? running the amazing shari lee photographers business?

well they are. and after ...

SNEAK PEEK! taunia & aaron - oct 2, 2010 - saskatchewan wedding || wedding photographer

today’s wedding was great! the sky was clear, the sun was shining, my couple was so excited.. it was a great wedding to end my 2010 season! congrats to mr & mrs aaron turnbull!! :)

just a couple shots from today’s wedding..  cuz i can. :) more to come soon!






why not get married at a castle? || destination wedding photographer

lots of us girls dream about our wedding day. what we will wear, what it will all look like, where we will get married.

one wedding i shot in germany was near this ADORABLE town of garmisch partenkirschen. the little town itself was a dream…walking everywhere..cafes and shops along the ...

shannon & omer - our one true wedding {wish} couple || vancouver wedding photographer

back before christmas when jeanie asked me if i’d like to give away wedding photography to a couple next year who were involved in “giving” to the community, i was all over it!


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the decision was really hard; we had ...