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beautiful bouquets - wedding wednesday || manila destination wedding photographer

today’s wedding blog post is a sneak peek of a delightful shoot i did for scarlet begonia flowers a few weeks ago. there will definitely be more photos of this particular shoot in posts to come, but i thought it would be so perfect to feature the SNEAK PEEK today ...

wild fleurs - personal || vancouver photographer

wild beauty amidst seeming chaos :)

(these are the wild flowers that have been picked on walks this week) 20100625_wildfleurs-6833.jpg 20100625_wildfleurs-6839.jpg 20100625_wildfleurs-6841.jpg 20100625_wildfleurs-6832.jpg 20100625_wildfleurs-6835.jpg 20100625_wildfleurs-6843.jpg 20100625_wildfleurs-6848.jpg 20100625_wildfleurs-6851.jpg 20100625_wildfleurs-6855.jpg 20100625_wildfleurs-6856.jpg 20100625_wildfleurs-6836.jpg 20100625_wildfleurs-6840.jpg 20100625_wildfleurs-6842.jpg 20100625_wildfleurs-6850.jpg 20100625_wildfleurs-6853.jpg 20100625_wildfleurs-6858.jpg