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presenting....MANILA WANDERINGS || destination photographer

one thing i’m good at is being a tourist in my own town. i remember in vancouver i would LOVE to discover all the beauties in around the city. and when we had people come visit, i would be their very own tour guide. :)

well here i go now ...


our 2011 FOLLOW YOUR HEART tour to Italy will be this fall. and we will be visiting the breath-taking, coastal region of LIGURIA. also known as the ITALIAN RIVIERA, the region of LIGURIA is filled with quaint towns, exotic beaches, picturesque scenery…definitely a tour you wouldn’t want to miss!

OUR ...

castelluccio - follow your heart tours || destination photographer

castelluccio…the village up in the cold mountains.. it was one of my favorite places to visit.. such a small community.. so serene.. everything about it i loved. :) it was so chill…and like we were caught in a moment of time.. and it was cold and there was snow! such a ...

assisi - follow your heart tour || destination photographer

back to getting some of my italy photos up on the blog.. life has been consumed with getting ready for our big move. so here i am in the okanagan during the holiday week and i am trying to find time here too.. i’m seeing a pattern. i need to ...

follow your italy - SPOLETO || vancouver destination photographer

sunday - after a wonderful sleep and great breakfast, max and i scurried down the winding road to the bridal shop in town where lina was waiting for us to pick up the GORGEOUS bridal gown we would be using monday for our bridal session.. i LOVE lina..she was so ...

follow your italy || vancouver destination photographer

it is finally here…the first day of the FOLLOW OUR HEART tour to italy…i cannot tell you how exciting it was to pick up the group from Fiumincino Airport!



everyone was STOKED to be in italy! after we got everything in the van, max led us on our almost 2 hour ...

TERNI - travel || vancouver destination photographer

Terni..the main city in the area where max & cristiana live..

we went downtown to walk about..fetch frede from school, have a snack and some gelato…twas a good way to spend a friday afternoon.. :)






a DIVINE chocolate shop.. :)







yay! already starting to set up for christmas here ...

stroncone - travel || vancouver destination photographer

max and cristiana were gracious enough to let me stay at their place for two days before the tour. we have had a wonderful time chatting, eating, walking, laughing, drinking, eating, discussing, more eating…you get the picture.. :)

they live in a village just outside of TERNI (a more major ...

following my heart... to italia - travel || vancouver destination photographer

october 27, 2010 was a very special day for me. it was the day i left for italy.

it was 10 months earlier that i first communicated with max brunnelli from italy about organizing my own phototour in italy. 

travel has been in my blood since i can remember…and photography..well ...

little bit excited..ya i am! - travel || destination photographer

i cannot begin to tell you how excited i am for this tour! i have had a love affair with Italy for the last 3 years really. 2 years ago was my first trip.. throught the mountains in the north, passing through Bressanone, Cortina d’Ampezz, all the way down to Venezia ...

spoleto is coming soon..very, very soon! - travel || destination photographer

my son and i are going through my old stamp collection. it’s old. as in REALLY old. i got it when i was his age from an OLD man, and i mean REALLY old, who was our neighbour. there are so really OLD stamps in there. [anyone picking up the ...

spoleto, umbria...ah, you are so very lovely || destination wedding photographer

this fall my FOLLOW YOUR HEARTTO ITALY TOUR will be journeying through umbria & tuscany with MAX BRUNELLI. i noticed this morning that max had posted some new photos up on facebook. i just HAD to share them with you.

viva italia!

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are you coming to ITALY this fall? || destination photographer

in case you didn't know - FOLLOW YOUR HEART tours || destination photographer

here’s the latest blog post from my FOLLOW YOUR HEART tours blog:


in 5 days you can get $100 off the FOLLOW YOUR HEARTTO ITALY tour if you register and submit your deposit! a hundred bucks is a hundred bucks! :) so what are you waiting for?!

this last ...