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stroncone - travel || vancouver destination photographer

max and cristiana were gracious enough to let me stay at their place for two days before the tour. we have had a wonderful time chatting, eating, walking, laughing, drinking, eating, discussing, more eating…you get the picture.. :)

they live in a village just outside of TERNI (a more major ...

following my heart... to italia - travel || vancouver destination photographer

october 27, 2010 was a very special day for me. it was the day i left for italy.

it was 10 months earlier that i first communicated with max brunnelli from italy about organizing my own phototour in italy. 

travel has been in my blood since i can remember…and photography..well ...

art auction fundraising pieces - giving back || destination photographer

if you follow my facebook or blogs, you know that we, as a family, are making our way to the philippines in december. to move. for a long while.

if you DIDN’T know, then i have done a not so great of a job of keeping you in the know ...

little bit excited..ya i am! - travel || destination photographer

i cannot begin to tell you how excited i am for this tour! i have had a love affair with Italy for the last 3 years really. 2 years ago was my first trip.. throught the mountains in the north, passing through Bressanone, Cortina d’Ampezz, all the way down to Venezia ...

spoleto is coming soon..very, very soon! - travel || destination photographer

my son and i are going through my old stamp collection. it’s old. as in REALLY old. i got it when i was his age from an OLD man, and i mean REALLY old, who was our neighbour. there are so really OLD stamps in there. [anyone picking up the ...

la serenissima: vancouver's love affair with venice || destination photographer

yes..i have a membership to the italian cultural centre here in vancouver. why? well, not only do i get the benefits of 10% off at the restaurant, discounts for language classes, but i get to be in the know of all things italy, in and out of our city.

so ...

a few postcards from venice, murano & burano - the vault series || destination & travel photographer

today it is 50 days til i board the airplane for italy. i can barely stand it. :)

a few photos from my last trip venice..also on the small islands of murano & burano.

this trip coming up we are focusing a week in tuscany & umbria ...

northern italy - the vault series || destination photographer

with my italy trip on the horizon, i have been thinking lots about my last trip to italy! i simply can’t wait!!!

when we drove from bavaria in germany to venice, we passed through cortina, in northern italy…so very beautiful..




more italy memories in the coming days.. :)

contact me  |    ...

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 30198_1475017872591_1148027211_3065295_4952446_n.jpg 31398_1468261943697_1148027211_3046834_3573049_n.jpg 34100_1507928975348_1148027211_3157878_1483976_n.jpg 34653_1512383326704_1148027211_3168090_3321462_n.jpg 36722_1507927815319_1148027211_3157875_7509216_n.jpg

 all photos courtesy of our tour guide MAX BRUNELLI :)

spoleto, umbria...ah, you are so very lovely || destination wedding photographer

this fall my FOLLOW YOUR HEARTTO ITALY TOUR will be journeying through umbria & tuscany with MAX BRUNELLI. i noticed this morning that max had posted some new photos up on facebook. i just HAD to share them with you.

viva italia!

36722_1507927815319_1148027211_3157875_7509216_n.jpg 35574_1507928335332_1148027211_3157877_6075083_n.jpg 34100_1507928975348_1148027211_3157878_1483976_n.jpg

are you coming to ITALY this fall? || destination photographer

in case you didn't know - FOLLOW YOUR HEART tours || destination photographer

here’s the latest blog post from my FOLLOW YOUR HEART tours blog:


in 5 days you can get $100 off the FOLLOW YOUR HEARTTO ITALY tour if you register and submit your deposit! a hundred bucks is a hundred bucks! :) so what are you waiting for?!

this last ...

italian cuisine - the vault series || vancouver photographer

not gonna lie. i LOVE food. as in i could eat ALL. THE. TIME. wait. let me clarify - i love GOOD food. :)

and being that lover is a trained chef, some of his experiements at home - OH.MY.WORD. ya. it’s easy to eat food for me.


when i was ...