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kym & winmark || lifestyle session {1st anniversary LOVE}

my delightful wedding couple from last june - we had a 1st anniversary session in strathcona, vancouver, canada this past june. they are beyond lovely. and freaking hilarious. remember kym? she is the brains and designer behind HERROHACHI. head over to her site and buy one of her awesome shirts ...

#FF - Kym Banguis of HERROHACHI || manila destination wedding photographer

not only has this amazing woman been a subject on my blog several times (their engagement session last december and then their vancouver & manila weddings this year!) she has sucessfully stocked my tshirt drawer with some of my favorite tshirts! these are my current faves i own:

Upload from October 21, 2011

i have known ...

kym & winmark - the manila wedding celebration!! || destination wedding photographer

i just couldn’t resist…i knew when i was going thru the images on the back of my camera yesterday during the session, that we were getting some good ones.

and i also knew that i couldn’t wait to post them on the blog!

we headed down to the wall city, or intramuros ...

destination: INTRAMUROS - manila || destination wedding photographer

scouting for bridal portraits is one of the perks to being a weddig photographer. finding the PERFECT spots for the bridal portraits…envisioning the gorgeous couple in nooks and crannies…yes…scouting gets your creativity pumping!

and when it’s a destination wedding, you know you have no room for second guessing. finding the places ...