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camille & jj - hong kong lifestyle session || manila destination photographer

my third couple i photographed in hong kong was so different from the first two, in that, we got to shoot at night!

some photographers dont like shooting at night..i really dont mind. no, i may not be a ninja lighting pro, but i sure am not scared shooting at ...

maikha & jonathan - hong kong lifestyle session || manila destination photographer

here is my second of three fanTAStical lifestyle sessions i did in one of my most favorite cities in the world - HONG KONG!

we were right down at Tsim Sha Tsui - a major tourist hub in HK. so much fun! and again, i’m so incredibly blessed at my SO ...

eryne & jc - HONG KONG lifestyle session || manila destination photographer

when i received the email from a photog friend in edmonton, canada that there was this great couple in hong kong that was looking for a photographer, i was thrilled… not only because i love photographing couples but because i was just heading to hong kong for a day and ...

trisha & roi - lifestyle session || manila photographer

i love shooting “love”. it’s the basis of my entire photocareer; photographing those MADLY in love with each other. not only are these the most “easiest” sessions to photograph, but they are the most fulfilling for me. being able to watch a couple interact and completely adore each other and ...

kym & winmark - lifestyle session || destination photographer

when i found out kym and winmark got engaged, i couldn’t be more happy! i have known kym since…hmmm..well…at least 6 years. we go to her dad’s church. she supplies me with great merchandise from her fun company, herrohachi. whenever i see her, she is always smiling. and has ...

ang & brock - calgary eSession || destination photographer

i met ang waaaaaaaaaaay back in about 2001/2002.. ang is an identical twin. everyone always got her and her sister jen mixed up. i never did. even though it’s obvious they are identical twins, each of them has a unique, beautiful personality of their own.

i dont recall when i ...

ang & brock { SNEAK PEEK! } - lifestyle eSession || vancouver destination photographer

here’s a sneak of my engagement session with my september long weekend bride and groom..adorable hey??

more to come… :)


elsa & anthony & madalena - lifestyle session || vancouver photographer

a couple weeks ago i put on my blog that the 500th “fan” won a complimentary lifestyle session.

i couldn’t have been happier to give it to the beautiful elsa corsi. not only is she the most adorable, gorgeous diva in coal harbor, she is also a gem…who makes gems ...

rina & neil - lifestyle session || vancouver filipino photographer

rina & neil are too cute together.. rina’s always giggling and neil is always looking at her with eyes of love. it’s so cute.. :) they have been married almost a year…or is it two now?!

anyhow..we started off with gelato at my most favorite gelato place - la casa gelato - in ...

candice & daniel...welcome to vancouver! - lifestyle session || vancouver photographer

when my friend lani told me  her bro and his wife were moving to vancouver, i couldn’t be happier.

i have always pictured candice and daniel as city, more specifically vancouver, folk; they are artsy and very WESTCOAST.

so after their first week in the big city, we did a “welcome ...