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lonely planet philippines magazine - on assignment: TURKEY || travel photographer

 Upload from April 20, 2012

i am not one to boast, or gloat or brag. at all.

but i figure with my 40th birthday a week away and the timing of this all, that this was perhaps one good reason to do such things. :)

in november i was asked by a dear friend ...

Lonely Planet Philippines Magazine, Issue 10 is finally out! || travel photographer

the long wait has almost come to an end.

last november i was asked to go on-assignment with Lonely Planet Philippines magazine to Turkey.

i received an email almost 2 weeks ago saying that it was out in print and they were sending me some copies!

i am still awaiting the copies - altho ...

istanbul! || travel photographer

we arrived in istanbul at about 530am on saturday am. and i was in desperate need of turkish coffee to get me thru the long yet anticipated day ahead…

Upload from October 30, 2011

our delightful tour guide, ensar islamoglu, greeted us and we drove into the OLD CITY of istanbul and found turksh coffee and ...

irregular programming from this channel :) || manila destination wedding photographer

that’s right, blog readers…this week has been crazy with trying to get ready for TURKEY tomoro. and instead of trying to sit in front of my computer and do 9 blog posts to schedule while i’m gone, i have decided on this instead, which i think you may still enjoy: