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the life as a traveler's wife || manila destination wedding photographer

many of you know if you are friends with me on facebook that my husband travels alot. it’s part of his job as fund-developer for Gentle Hands, the NGO we volunteer at here in the philippines run by his sister.

someone said to me, you travel a lot too. i said ...

i'm back...with a vengence! :) || manila destination wedding photographer’s true. i have not blogged for 2 weeks. HOLY COW. the first week of blogging absence was due to the typhoons and such. all the commotion and power out for some hours. ya. it totally fell by the way side.

and i didn’t even forewarn… [side note: i wonder ...

craving some in-and-out || manila destination photographer

you know somedays when you are CRAVING something that you can NOT get?

gah. that’s totally today. it’s monday. there’s a typhoon. jonathan’s traveling.

and i’m craving in-and-out burger BIG time.

Upload from September 26, 2011

Upload from September 26, 2011

Upload from September 26, 2011

Upload from September 26, 2011

Upload from September 26, 2011

Upload from September 26, 2011

Upload from September 26, 2011

see? now you are too. :)

happy monday!


to jeep or not to jeep, that is the question || manila destination wedding photographer

one of the philippines MAJOR modes of transportation is the jeepney.

here is a brief summary of the jeepney to get you up to speed:

Jeepneys are the most popular means of public transportation in the Philippines.[1] They were originally made from US military jeeps left over from World War II ...

it was monday, alright || manila destination wedding photographer

let me tell you…some mondays are not bad..and some…are worse.

today COULD have been a doozer. it started that way.

i had an 8am appointment at the kids’ school with the superintendant re getting involved with the PAC. get there, it went like this: stepped out of my house ...

cultural weddings - manila destination wedding photographer

it’s monday again! and i get to make today’s blog WHATEVER my little heart desires! so…with that - it’s wedding showcase time!

one of the things i love about weddings is that no one is the same. i have shot more than 130 weddings. and every single one is different. and so ...

it's the little things that matter || manila destination wedding photographer

happy monday to you!

i hope you had a fantastic weekend! our was wet! another typhoon flew past us leaving us very WET! and i hear another is on the way! rainy season in the tropics..what can ya do?? :)

i thought i’d talk about wedding details today - aside from ...

i have been informed that we have done NOTHING this summer || manila destination wedding photographer

it’s monday again. how does that happen so quickly???

this is the last FULL week before the kids go back to school NEXT thursday, aug 4.

whatEVER shall we do?

someone asked rosie what she did this summer? she said nothing.

NOTHING???? are you kidding me right now?

so…i think today’s post will be a ...

i'd like an order of seafoam green and peacock blue, please || manila destination wedding photographer

what?! well it IS make-it-what-you-want monday here on the blog.. :)

no, seriously, it’s the colour scheme i’m thinking of doing downstairs in our house, slowly and eventually. i found some pictures in a better homes magazine that was in my beloved chiropractor’s office a month or more ago and ...

this blog is going thru an overhaul! || destination wedding photog

what do you mean?

the fact that i MUST, MUST, MUST get a blogging schedule has been eating me for MONTHS. then last night it came to me. what if i did a certain theme every week day, with weekends as optional.

so this is what i got…and i think it may ...