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victoria & cardo - reception || second shooting with Pilar Tuason

The third installment of Victoria and Cardo’s wedding will be their lovely reception! Held at the Blue Leaf Pavillion in McKinley Hill,  near the Fort, it was the perfect background for this lovely affair… Enjoy their celebration!








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#FF - georgia peach || philippines destination wedding photographer

 Upload from March 04, 2012

ever meet someone on FB or some other social media platform and then suddenly you totally connect and then you are like virtual BFFs and then you skype and then you email and chat and stuff and then you realize you are actually kindred spirits and then the next ...

la union lifestyle session || destination photographer

 Upload from March 17, 2012

the last time i did a lifestyle session with  my sister must have been at least a couple or 3 years ago…we were due. and our landscape of la union coastline was perfect…

my sister came to manila over a month ago…she’s here til june. it’s been so great having ...

#FF - fran chelico photography || philippines destination wedding photographer

 i can’t remember EXACTLY where i met frannie, as i lovingly call her…it was vancouver. probably through a vancouver wedding photographer group meetup or gathering of some sort. I had the pleasure of second shooting for her on several occasions. and i LOVED it. not only is she super talented ...

hiatus [hahy-ey-tuhs] || manila destination wedding & travel photographer

the definition of HIATUS is as follows:

a break or interruption in the continuity of a work, series, action, etc.

yep..that’s exactly what happened.

to some of you this may sound absolutely ridiculous…absurd…unreal. to others, namely those who have lived in metro manila or the philippines or any 3rd ...

18 days...enough is enough already || manila destination wedding photographer

18 days ago i got sick.

about a week ago i was almost better.

then i caught something else and have been in bed since saturday night, except for pulling myself together today to shoot a corporate gig for a friend.

i’m sick and tired of being sick and tired.

and it’s in the ...

FEATURED! on - Online Wedding Magazine || Manila Destination Wedding Photographer

in october i was asked by alana of if i’d like to shoot a couple of reception stylized shoots out at The Bellevue Hotel in Alabang.

i love weddings. and i love photographing details so it didn’t take me more than 2 seconds to accept the offer!

today, alana ...

being at the right place at the right time || manila destination wedding photographer

has that ever happened to you?

being in the right place at the right time? happened to me the last time i was in vegas.

i was there for the infamous WPPI - wedding and portrait photographers international. and one afternoon, a couple of my dear photographer friends and i went ...

let's hang in SIENA today, shall we? || manila destination wedding photographer

it’s still tuesday right?? :) it’s almost 4pm but it is still tuesday..chuckle..the “sore eyes” have now become mostly gritty eyes so staring at computer does not work so well! however, here is today’s blogpost.

siena. we have seen it in movies - the english patient, james bond. we have heard ...

hong kong - where east meets west || manila destination wedding photographer

it’s one of the major hubs into asia. and rightfully so. with a global economy and being an important business capital in the world, it bridges the east and west so naturally.

hong kong was under british rule until 1997 (i remember when it happened - we had been in manila, the ...

a morning in ORVIETO || manila destination wedding photographer

so i’m a little partial to ITALIA… it’s true, you got me. if i could live anywhere in the world, hands down it would be italy. :) so until then, i will live there through the week long FOLLOW YOUR HEART TOURS… to ITALY that i put on for ...

kym & winmark - the manila wedding celebration!! || destination wedding photographer

i just couldn’t resist…i knew when i was going thru the images on the back of my camera yesterday during the session, that we were getting some good ones.

and i also knew that i couldn’t wait to post them on the blog!

we headed down to the wall city, or intramuros ...

kym & winmark - the vancouver wedding celebration! || destination wedding photographer

as i type this i’m standing in manila, the day of the two part wedding celebration of kym & winmark! we are going to have a fantastical time doing their wedding photos in old manila this afternoon before their big manila reception!

so as you sit thru this slideshow, we will ...

kym & winmark - the SNEAK PEEK - vancouver wedding

when kym first asked me about finding her a wedding for her vancouver wedding last december, i told her i’d have lots of options for her. she then asked if i would photograph their MANILA wedding celebration afterwards. it was then, that a lightbulb went off in my head: why ...

camille & jj - hong kong lifestyle session || manila destination photographer

my third couple i photographed in hong kong was so different from the first two, in that, we got to shoot at night!

some photographers dont like shooting at night..i really dont mind. no, i may not be a ninja lighting pro, but i sure am not scared shooting at ...