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vogue sposa - bridal session - spoleto, italy

i can’t believe it’s been 4 days since i left italia! what an amazing almost 2 weeks spent in one of my most favorite countries. my time with max, cristiana and fede was so wonderful…the FOLLOW YOUR HEART TOUR was outstanding! it was such a great trip. albeit i missed ...

SNEAK PEEK! taunia & aaron - oct 2, 2010 - saskatchewan wedding || wedding photographer

today’s wedding was great! the sky was clear, the sun was shining, my couple was so excited.. it was a great wedding to end my 2010 season! congrats to mr & mrs aaron turnbull!! :)

just a couple shots from today’s wedding..  cuz i can. :) more to come soon!






katrien & steven - second shooting with jamie delaine || vancouver wedding photographer

one of the last weddings of my 2010 second shooting season was this month with jamie delaine. it was a beautiful wedding; held at shawnassey golf course. it had been raining NONSTOP the day before. but the morning of the wedding, the rain subsided and the clouds dispersed some and ...

why not get married at a castle? || destination wedding photographer

lots of us girls dream about our wedding day. what we will wear, what it will all look like, where we will get married.

one wedding i shot in germany was near this ADORABLE town of garmisch partenkirschen. the little town itself was a dream…walking everywhere..cafes and shops along the ...

SNEAK PEEK deux!! ang & brock - saskatoon wedding || destination wedding photographer

i wanted to put a few more photos of the lovely angelica & brock… because they are some fine looking folk and i just love them so.. xoxo

20100905_brockang-0001.jpg 20100905_brockang-0002.jpg 20100905_brockang-0005.jpg 20100905_brockang-0007.jpg 20100905_brockang-0009.jpg 20100905_brockang-0010.jpg 20100905_brockang-0011.jpg 20100905_brockang-0012.jpg 20100905_brockang-0014.jpg 20100905_brockang-0017.jpg 20100905_brockang-0018.jpg 20100905_brockang-0020.jpg 20100905_brockang-0021.jpg 20100905_brockang-0022.jpg 20100905_brockang-0023.jpg

some things you just can't make make it sunny || vancouver photographer

it’s true. we live in vanoucouver, the city of, mostly, rain. don’t get me wrong..i love it here. i just REALLY treasure the sunny days. but you can never bank on the sunny days. the sunny days..yes..its like they have a mind of their own. crazy really ...

SNEAK PEEK!! ang & brock - saskatoon wedding || destination wedding photographer

what a fun weekend!! and boy was it so hard to pick a FEW to showcase until the big post..

so here’s what i got for you..for now.. :) more to come in coming days!

much love to you, ang & brock!! xoxo20100905ba-6133.jpg 20100905ba-6301.jpg 20100905ba-5076.jpg 20100905ba-6530.jpg 20100905ba-5166.jpg 20100905ba-6593.jpg 20100905ba-5121.jpg

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ang & brock - calgary eSession || destination photographer

i met ang waaaaaaaaaaay back in about 2001/2002.. ang is an identical twin. everyone always got her and her sister jen mixed up. i never did. even though it’s obvious they are identical twins, each of them has a unique, beautiful personality of their own.

i dont recall when i ...

the smithers wedding - august 7, 2010 || i am a destination photographer

i love my job. i love that i get to be with people on one of the happiest days of their lives. i love that my job takes me to different places on the map. i love that my job…really doesn’t feel like a job. :)

when my fellow photog ...

smithers wedding - SNEAK PEEK! || destination wedding photographer

i was up in smithers, northern BC, to shoot a wedding last weekend. hence the lack of blogging! :)

will put up one photo from the end of our day..right out of camera… i cannot WAIT to go through more of these pictures.

enjoy! xo tracey 20100807samdae-2094.jpg

simon & andrea - second shooting with fran chelico || vancouver wedding photographer

this season i’ve been able to shoot with my dear frannie fran friend several! :) she is a HOOT..always crackin jokes and making me giggle. i think next wedding i am wearing depends.. ;)

well that was a most pleasant way to start a wedding ...

eugene & hannah - second shooting with fran chelico || vancouver wedding photographer

last weekend i got to shoot with one of my dearest friends and amazing photographer, fran chelico. not only was frannie’s couple ADORABLE, but they had a GORGEOUS day with GORGEOUS details. and to top it off, frannie had me in stitches the WHOLE day. seriously..i love my job ...

ada & thomas - second shooting w/STUDIOjeanie || vancouver wedding photographer

the first weekend of july i had the priviledge to shoot with one of my besties and fellow photog, jeanie of STUDIOjeanie! her couple, ada & thomas were SUPER adorable!! 

i met up with the guys while jeanie was with the ladies. we strolled down 4th in kits ...

winnie & tom (some more photos!) - second shooting with STUDIOjeanie || vancouver wedding photographer

jeanie of STUDIOjeanie posted on her blog some photos from the wedding i second shot with her 2 saturdays ago… :) :)

here’s a few of them… (the first two, yours truly shot) :)








to see more photos of the day, check out jeanie’s blog!

winnie & tom - second shooting with STUDIOjeanie || vancouver wedding photographer

one the things about my “job” that i LOVE LOVE LOVE, besides shooting my own wedding commissions is second shooting for other local vancouver photographers!

and this season i’ve got the opportunity work with some fun, fabulous photographers: jeanie ow of STUDIOjeanie, Reilly & Miranda Lievers of Blue Olive Photography, Fran ...