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tristan & charmaine - the reception at angels fields in tagaytay || second shooting with pilar tuason

the reception of tristan and charmaine was GORGEOUS! the planners did an outstanding job and the venue - wow! and the venue - angels field - so dreamy.

the details were out of this world amazing!  so grateful to be able to capture these amazing days of couples as a second shooter with ...

tristan & charmaine - the ceremony & portraits || second shooting with pilar tuason

a long pause between this post and the getting ready shots of tristan and charmaine’s wedding! sorry friends!

this wedding was abosolutely wonderful on all fronts..i had so much fun second shooting with pilar… :)

xotracey 20121130_trischarm-0244.jpg




















their stunning reception at Angel’s Fields in Tagayatay is coming up next… :)

a wave is coming || travel & lifestyle photographer

no, no…not a tsunami.. :)

a wave of blog posts - i have SO MUCH STUFF to blog… and i’m getting it all ready to blog in some scheduled posts..

so beware! you may get soaked. ;)


coming up next - the wedding of trish & charm…a second shooting gig with my ...

victoria & cardo - reception || second shooting with Pilar Tuason

The third installment of Victoria and Cardo’s wedding will be their lovely reception! Held at the Blue Leaf Pavillion in McKinley Hill,  near the Fort, it was the perfect background for this lovely affair… Enjoy their celebration!








20120914_cardovicky-0565 copy.jpg

20120914_cardovicky-0618 copy.jpg

20120914_cardovicky-0854 copy.jpg

20120914_cardovicky-0952 copy.jpg

20120914_cardovicky-0955 copy.jpg

20120914_cardovicky-0869 copy.jpg

20120914_cardovicky-1076 copy.jpg

20120914_cardovicky-1101 copy.jpg

20120914_cardovicky-0987 copy.jpg

20120914_cardovicky-1099 copy.jpg

20120914_cardovicky-0999 copy.jpg

20120914_cardovicky-1107 copy.jpg

20120914_cardovicky-1169 copy.jpg

20120914_cardovicky-1183 copy.jpg

20120914_cardovicky-1203 copy.jpg

20120914_cardovicky-1268 copy.jpg

20120914_cardovicky-1254 copy.jpg

20120914_cardovicky-1098 copy.jpg




20120914_cardovicky-0740-2 copy.jpg

victoria & cardo - getting ready || second shooting with Pilar Tuason

since july was the last wedding of my photographic career that i primary shot, i have had the pleasure of still second shooting with good friend and amazing photographer here in the philippines, pilar tuason, which has kept me happy with being able to still photograph love.. :)

this was ...

#FF - Jo-Ann Tuazon of SWEET CREATIONS by MUMS || manila destination photographer

when i moved here to manila, one of my fellow photogs from vancouver, gracci pelaez (who will be gracing this #FF soon!!) introduced me to jo-ann. when i saw her work, i was like, “WOW!! this is AMAZING!”
and i wanted to feature a fabulous filipino person ...

so much love xoxo || manila destination wedding photographer

Upload from July 29, 2011

after our move from the prairies to the coast, this was my first wedding commision in vancouver in 2007. still one of my favorite weddings.

and they both hold a very special place in our hearts…

happy anniversary you two…more adventure & much more love to you both.


kym & winmark - the SNEAK PEEK - vancouver wedding

when kym first asked me about finding her a wedding for her vancouver wedding last december, i told her i’d have lots of options for her. she then asked if i would photograph their MANILA wedding celebration afterwards. it was then, that a lightbulb went off in my head: why ...

camille & jj - hong kong lifestyle session || manila destination photographer

my third couple i photographed in hong kong was so different from the first two, in that, we got to shoot at night!

some photographers dont like shooting at night..i really dont mind. no, i may not be a ninja lighting pro, but i sure am not scared shooting at ...

maikha & jonathan - hong kong lifestyle session || manila destination photographer

here is my second of three fanTAStical lifestyle sessions i did in one of my most favorite cities in the world - HONG KONG!

we were right down at Tsim Sha Tsui - a major tourist hub in HK. so much fun! and again, i’m so incredibly blessed at my SO ...

trisha & roi - lifestyle session || manila photographer

i love shooting “love”. it’s the basis of my entire photocareer; photographing those MADLY in love with each other. not only are these the most “easiest” sessions to photograph, but they are the most fulfilling for me. being able to watch a couple interact and completely adore each other and ...

fashion for men could heat up with these bad boys...|| personal

when this email landed in my inbox, i knew i had to share the wealth of it. 

unfortunately i do not know where it originated from, so i can not give due credit with credit is due.

without further chatter…may i at its finest.

i wonder if it’ll make a ...

thankful - personal || destination photographer

when you are alone it sure is a great time to reflect..or sometime deflect..chuckle… :)
however, today, the hubs is still abroad and the kids at “ninicamp”.
it’s me and the dog. :)
almost 11pm now, on saturday night and i thought i’d be thankful for a ...