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tristan & charmaine - the reception at angels fields in tagaytay || second shooting with pilar tuason

the reception of tristan and charmaine was GORGEOUS! the planners did an outstanding job and the venue - wow! and the venue - angels field - so dreamy.

the details were out of this world amazing!  so grateful to be able to capture these amazing days of couples as a second shooter with ...

tristan & charmaine - the ceremony & portraits || second shooting with pilar tuason

a long pause between this post and the getting ready shots of tristan and charmaine’s wedding! sorry friends!

this wedding was abosolutely wonderful on all fronts..i had so much fun second shooting with pilar… :)

xotracey 20121130_trischarm-0244.jpg




















their stunning reception at Angel’s Fields in Tagayatay is coming up next… :)

a wave is coming || travel & lifestyle photographer

no, no…not a tsunami.. :)

a wave of blog posts - i have SO MUCH STUFF to blog… and i’m getting it all ready to blog in some scheduled posts..

so beware! you may get soaked. ;)


coming up next - the wedding of trish & charm…a second shooting gig with my ...

Victoria & Cardo - the portraits || second shooting with Pilar Tuason

the fourth and final installment of victoria and cardo’s lovely wedding.

we had a good lot of time to take their bridal portraits. and the venues were divine - outside san antonio church in forbes park, makati and then at the home of cardo’s parents, also forbes park.

these two are simply stunning ...

victoria & cardo - ceremony || second shooting with Pilar Tuason


today’s post will be the 2nd installment of the lovely wedding of victoria and cardo - their beautiful ceremony at san antonio church in forbes park, makati.


xo tracey





20120914_cardovicky-0552 copy.jpg


20120914_cardovicky-0372 copy.jpg


20120914_cardovicky-0392 copy.jpg


20120914_cardovicky-0393 copy.jpg


20120914_cardovicky-0521 copy.jpg




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20120914_cardovicky-0436 copy.jpg


20120914_cardovicky-0440 copy.jpg


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20120914_cardovicky-0446 copy.jpg


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beautiful bouquets - wedding wednesday || manila destination wedding photographer

today’s wedding blog post is a sneak peek of a delightful shoot i did for scarlet begonia flowers a few weeks ago. there will definitely be more photos of this particular shoot in posts to come, but i thought it would be so perfect to feature the SNEAK PEEK today ...

kym & winmark - the manila wedding celebration!! || destination wedding photographer

i just couldn’t resist…i knew when i was going thru the images on the back of my camera yesterday during the session, that we were getting some good ones.

and i also knew that i couldn’t wait to post them on the blog!

we headed down to the wall city, or intramuros ...

featuring designer, MICA SANTAYANA || destination wedding photographer

it’s funny how you meet people somtimes, no?

who would have thought that i would meet the fabulous MICA SANTAYANA via my kid’s orthodontist office??? giggle…ya i did. her mom is our kids orthodontist. mica’s business card was on the table, one thing led to another, i talked to her ...

fashion for men could heat up with these bad boys...|| personal

when this email landed in my inbox, i knew i had to share the wealth of it. 

unfortunately i do not know where it originated from, so i can not give due credit with credit is due.

without further chatter…may i at its finest.

i wonder if it’ll make a ...

thankful - personal || destination photographer

when you are alone it sure is a great time to reflect..or sometime deflect..chuckle… :)
however, today, the hubs is still abroad and the kids at “ninicamp”.
it’s me and the dog. :)
almost 11pm now, on saturday night and i thought i’d be thankful for a ...