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i have been informed that we have done NOTHING this summer || manila destination wedding photographer

it’s monday again. how does that happen so quickly???

this is the last FULL week before the kids go back to school NEXT thursday, aug 4.

whatEVER shall we do?

someone asked rosie what she did this summer? she said nothing.

NOTHING???? are you kidding me right now?

so…i think today’s post will be a ...

there are no ducks here - personal || manila destination wedding photographer

for 2 years i was in chronic neck pain. and i’m not talking a minor bothersome flinch. i’m talking full-on neck pain and my arms were turning numb and i was just a really grumpy person cuz of it. and it was totally affecting my photography in that i could ...

i'd like an order of seafoam green and peacock blue, please || manila destination wedding photographer

what?! well it IS make-it-what-you-want monday here on the blog.. :)

no, seriously, it’s the colour scheme i’m thinking of doing downstairs in our house, slowly and eventually. i found some pictures in a better homes magazine that was in my beloved chiropractor’s office a month or more ago and ...

canada vs the philippines - personal || destination photographer

what a title for my Talking-from-the-Heart Thursday post, hey?

really it’s not gonna be a battle royale. :)

if you haven’t stayed up to snuff on my blog, i was in canada for 2 weeks in june to shoot the delightfully fun wedding of KYM & WINMARK. i had known ...

why social media & coffee are good things - personal || destination photographer

one of the things i do every morning is go through my twitter feed. yes i was on twitter when we lived back in vancouver, but being on the “other side of the big pacific pond” makes twitter an even more “routine” of my morning. and when i wake up ...

fashion for men could heat up with these bad boys...|| personal

when this email landed in my inbox, i knew i had to share the wealth of it. 

unfortunately i do not know where it originated from, so i can not give due credit with credit is due.

without further chatter…may i at its finest.

i wonder if it’ll make a ...

gentle hands - a humanitarian work in manila, philippines

january 1st of this year, my family and i set off on a new adventure. we try to live life in general as an adventure, so this would be no different..just in a very different location than what we were used to.

metro manila philippines - the place we are ...

GUEST BLOGPOST by Rosie - personal

my daughter wrote this today…i had to share…
It all started on Thursday. I was at ninis house. Me and Ate rose were inside and suddenly there was pounding on the door. i thought it was her neighbor Gi Shouk.

But then we herd this yelling”gusto ko pagkain ...

thankful - personal || destination photographer

when you are alone it sure is a great time to reflect..or sometime deflect..chuckle… :)
however, today, the hubs is still abroad and the kids at “ninicamp”.
it’s me and the dog. :)
almost 11pm now, on saturday night and i thought i’d be thankful for a ...

the season premiere is here! - personal || destination photographer

i woke early this morning. 6:25am. not on purpose. but maybe it was on purpose.

as i rolled over and looked out our 8th floor window of our hotel at the fairmont airport hotel, i watch all the lights twinkle with the dark blue sky as their backdrop. morning ...

thankful - personal || vancouver destination photographer

so many things to be thankful for….

family & friends

our little home that keeps us dry and warm

food in our cupboards & ref

good health

books to read


warm blankets

herbal tea

eye sight

having what we need

truly we are blessed. and thankful for the blessings every day.




happy thanksgiving weekend from our ...

things always work out how they are supposed to work out - personal || destination photographer


have you ever been in a situation when you know you shouldn’t fret or worry about something cuz you know it will work out in the end? ya that’s what i thought..only i have been.. ;)

well..this afternoon while getting all the juice from jonathan’s weekend away, we ...

colours of the world STUDIO 25% off sale! || vancouver photographer

my rosie started her own business at the beginning of the summer…! she is super creative and LOVES art. she had 10 AMAZING pieces from last school year that she used to make her products: notecards, prints, miniprints & buttons.

they are FREAKING adorable! she has an etsy shop too ...

friends are a really good thing - personal || vancouver photographer

the last week our dear friend dar (married to scott..they just moved from burnaby to waterloo, ON) has been with’s been so great. i have taken photos of our going-on’s…they are not off my camera yet.. :)

but dar is awesome..we went to seattle this week ...

la serenissima: vancouver's love affair with venice || destination photographer

yes..i have a membership to the italian cultural centre here in vancouver. why? well, not only do i get the benefits of 10% off at the restaurant, discounts for language classes, but i get to be in the know of all things italy, in and out of our city.

so ...