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bittersweet memories - personal || destination photographer

this morning i decided to go thru the 2 boxes in my i KNEW what was in them, organize them and pack them up so they would be ready, eventually, for their long trek across the pacific in a few short months.

what i didn’t expect was the well ...

our personal blog journey - personal || vancouver destination photographer

in case some of you didn’t know.. we have a family blog that pretty much will get you up to speed about our journey to moving to the philippines.

check it out sometime: :)


manila-bound boxes ~ personal || vancouver photographer

it was about 5 months ago when we decided that we were going back to the philippines as missionaries.

fast forward to today…the last 5 weeks have been a whirlwind! jonathan’s sister’s family (charity, who runs GENTLE HANDS) has been with us…they have one week left’s been such a ...

wild fleurs - personal || vancouver photographer

wild beauty amidst seeming chaos :)

(these are the wild flowers that have been picked on walks this week) 20100625_wildfleurs-6833.jpg 20100625_wildfleurs-6839.jpg 20100625_wildfleurs-6841.jpg 20100625_wildfleurs-6832.jpg 20100625_wildfleurs-6835.jpg 20100625_wildfleurs-6843.jpg 20100625_wildfleurs-6848.jpg 20100625_wildfleurs-6851.jpg 20100625_wildfleurs-6855.jpg 20100625_wildfleurs-6856.jpg 20100625_wildfleurs-6836.jpg 20100625_wildfleurs-6840.jpg 20100625_wildfleurs-6842.jpg 20100625_wildfleurs-6850.jpg 20100625_wildfleurs-6853.jpg 20100625_wildfleurs-6858.jpg

rosie is 9!!! - personal || vancouver photographer

my baby girl turned 9. it just seemed not too long ago, over the pond in quezon city, manila, philippines that the little princess was flies… *sigh*

she wanted a build-a-bear party…so with two friends, 2 cousins and her “little” auntie emma and hayley, off to BUILD ...

we interupt the regular programming... || vancouver wedding photographer

hola friends..

i currently have 8 extra people residing in our abode…some of our family from the philippines has come for the summer…some for a couple weeks..some for a month..some for 6 weeks. :)

i will continue to blog when i have a moment to catch my breath between ...

the vault series - cannon beach || vancouver photographer

today i am pining for cannon beach..what an awesome summer holiday we had last year.. not sure if we’ll even be able to make it there this fall..oh how i hope we do..before we move across the pond… *sigh*

enjoy the beauty..just can’t get enough.. :)

orcoastjul14-0075 copy.jpg orcoastjul14-0077 copy.jpg orcoastjul14-0087 copy.jpg orcoastjul14-0235 copy.jpg orcoastjul14-0090 copy.jpg orcoastjul15-0459 copy.jpg orcoastjul15-0018 copy.jpg orcoastjul14-0145 copy.jpg orcoastjul15-0384 copy.jpg orcoastjul15-0522 copy.jpg orcoastjul15-0116 copy.jpg orcoastjul15-0085 copy.jpg

remembering - personal || vancouver photographer

you know when sometimes, right out of the blue something just HITS you…you dont even see it coming and then BAMM! it hits you like a ton of bricks.

that just happened to me.

i have no grammas. in a matter of a year and a half all three of mine passed ...

i am still here!! - personal || vancouver photographer

i haven’t blogged for DAYS! i’m still here..just distracted with our visitors from manila who have been with us since wednesday. we “met” through j’s mom on facebook about a month ago…they have been “creeping” our profiles and reading through our blog posts for months…!

we have totally connected and ...

the moving sale begins - personal || vancouver photographer

we have begun purging…the preparations for our move overseas.

i have had lots of people ask me why i have started already…we aren’t planning to leave at the earliest, this christmas. i have reasons…

1) change is hard for me. i’ll be the first to admit it. :) so i figured if i ...

scotty's got his golden ticket - personal || vancouver photographer

one of our very best friends graduated from UBC today with his Masters. it was a very moving time for me. not because of what his master’s was in (religious studies and history and other stuff that makes my brain hurt). but because of the journey we have traveled with him ...

i'll shoot you - cute buttons by herrohachi || vancouver photographer

if you are on twitter (and you should be!) you may have been one of the 5 that i gave away one  of these ADORABLE buttons to! [follow me on twitter and you can win cool stuff! ]

my dear friend kym has an etsy store ...

my hour with my rosie - personal || vancouver photographer

today was student led open house at school…the kids have a stack of things to show their parents - work, art, projects - and talk about it all. most parents, i saw, were in there with their kid for about 20 minutes max.

my rosie does not know what a reader’s digest version ...

a lovely wander through finn slough - personal || vancouver photographer

i have passed by finn slough a couple times. but never had the opportunity to really stop and see this little village. i have heard lots about it. and have always been intrigued.

so when kerri and i were already out at was a given…

and a given that moved ...

britannia shipyard - personal || vancouver photographer

while we were in steveston, kerri and i made our way to the britannia shipyards.

it was such an incredible day -  warm, sunny, not a cloud in the sky. and it was so very quiet too. i love the shipyards. it reminds me of my great grandfather, grampa snitchuk, who worked ...