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featured in CONDE NAST TRAVELLER UK magazine || travel magazine

well, i don’t toot my own horn often…but when i get to see some of my shots in amazing magazine, i simply get giddy. :)

when i received an email in may from them i was a little shocked - they found my work. i MUST finally be tagging my work ...

las casas filipinas de acuzar || bataan, philippines - travel photographer

pilar, a fashion and wedding photographer that i work with who has become one of my dearest friends, asked me last october while i was in my photographers block/funk, if i’d like to come out to bataan where she was doing a post-bridal shoot of her couple… she said ...

the fabulous 5 || family lifestyle session - manila, philippines

it was a session i couldn’t wait to do; this family LOVES getting photos taken, and taking photos of their amazing family..yet i always find that when i’m doing close friends, i get nervous…as in i want to fill my drawers/pelicans flapping around in my gutt kind of nervous ...

krung thai - the best thai restaurant in the metro...IMHO || travel photographer

after my family lifestyle session with the Nichols family we went over to marikina to grab some thai to eat.

i’m not familiar with marikina and always up for something new, so i was stoked to go.

and there lay, a little hole-in-the-wall resto that, in my opinion, has the best thai ...

weekend markets of makati - salcedo & legazpi || travel photographer

i LOVE markets. as in LOVE them. :)

and when its the weekend, there is no better place than makati. being the central business district during the week, its like a ghost town in comparison on the weekends. and makati also hosts two of my favorite markets.

on saturdays there is ...

tristan & charmaine - the reception at angels fields in tagaytay || second shooting with pilar tuason

the reception of tristan and charmaine was GORGEOUS! the planners did an outstanding job and the venue - wow! and the venue - angels field - so dreamy.

the details were out of this world amazing!  so grateful to be able to capture these amazing days of couples as a second shooter with ...

tristan & charmaine - getting ready || second shooting with pilar tuason

 the first installment of tristan and charmaine’s gorgeous out-of-town destination wedding in tagaytay at angel’s fields, that i second shot last year with my dear friend and amazing photog, pilar…

































stay tuned for the next post - their beautiful ceremony & portraits… :)

a wave is coming || travel & lifestyle photographer

no, no…not a tsunami.. :)

a wave of blog posts - i have SO MUCH STUFF to blog… and i’m getting it all ready to blog in some scheduled posts..

so beware! you may get soaked. ;)


coming up next - the wedding of trish & charm…a second shooting gig with my ...

victoria & cardo - reception || second shooting with Pilar Tuason

The third installment of Victoria and Cardo’s wedding will be their lovely reception! Held at the Blue Leaf Pavillion in McKinley Hill,  near the Fort, it was the perfect background for this lovely affair… Enjoy their celebration!








20120914_cardovicky-0565 copy.jpg

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20120914_cardovicky-0987 copy.jpg

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victoria & cardo - getting ready || second shooting with Pilar Tuason

since july was the last wedding of my photographic career that i primary shot, i have had the pleasure of still second shooting with good friend and amazing photographer here in the philippines, pilar tuason, which has kept me happy with being able to still photograph love.. :)

this was ...

wild flour cafe & bakery || an OLIVE MAGAZINE PHILIPPINES feature

like i mentioned in my previous post, its super fun to be able to shoot food features! this feature was a review of a new restaurant in bonifacio global city that is only less than 6 months old. wild flour is a very quaint and lovely place and the food ...

mamou, too! || an OLIVE MAGAZINE PHILIPPINES feature

i love shooting editorial type stuff…especially when it’s food!

when i was asked if i could shoot for an article for OLIVE MAGAZINE philippines for their STEAK issue, i said i’d be happy to. and what was even cooler - my husband was going to be writing the article! fun, no?

here’s ...

la union lifestyle session || destination photographer

 Upload from March 17, 2012

the last time i did a lifestyle session with  my sister must have been at least a couple or 3 years ago…we were due. and our landscape of la union coastline was perfect…

my sister came to manila over a month ago…she’s here til june. it’s been so great having ...

#FF - Rose Stein Hair & Make-Up Artist || manila destination wedding & travel photographer

only being in manila for over a year, i have been meeting lots of people in the photo and wedding industry, online and in person. connecting is one of my favorite things.
when i was doing a search of make-up artists, i came across rose’s name and looked up ...

WEdnesday - Gentle Hands || manila destination wedding & travel photographer

Upload from March 04, 2012

it started many years ago…. as a birthing clinic for the urban poor in metro manila. my motherinlaw, denie, started something pretty darn good, along with her hubs, my fatherinlaw. when jonathan and i moved to the philippines the first time, in 1996, that’s what i did - i was a ...