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FEATURED! on's W@W Podcast! || Manila Destination Wedding Photographer

in August i was asked by Benz of if i’d like to do a podcast interview. i had NEVER been interviewed and the last time i heard my voice recorded was back in junior high when my friend and i would record us singing Rick Astley songs. hehehe ...

i'm back...with a vengence! :) || manila destination wedding photographer’s true. i have not blogged for 2 weeks. HOLY COW. the first week of blogging absence was due to the typhoons and such. all the commotion and power out for some hours. ya. it totally fell by the way side.

and i didn’t even forewarn… [side note: i wonder ...

to jeep or not to jeep, that is the question || manila destination wedding photographer

one of the philippines MAJOR modes of transportation is the jeepney.

here is a brief summary of the jeepney to get you up to speed:

Jeepneys are the most popular means of public transportation in the Philippines.[1] They were originally made from US military jeeps left over from World War II ...

and then my heart was full || manila photographer

70 women. 70 headshots.

last february i went to the corrections institute for women (CIW) otherwise knows as the women’s prison. my motherinlaw was speaking at an event there. i went along to take photographs…that i wouldnt be able to show to the public, being as they are inside the prison.

but ...

the philippines in b&w || manila destination photographer

i have been on my computer ALL day processing images. so today’s TRAVEL TUESDAY post is gonna be less wordy and more photoy. :)

i decided to take some photos i’d taken in the philippnies over the years and put a funky b&w finish to them. not sure what i ...

you can be SMUG about it! || manila destination wedding photographer

if you know anything about me, you know that i love people and love bringing them together!

and doing it again here in manila - by pioneering the first SMUG group in the philippines!

i cannot tell you how excited i am! i am co-leading the group with renowned philippines travel photographer ferdz ...

song of the angels || manila destination photographer

its funny how sometimes in your life you meet people you never forget..and always stay connected to.

that is pretty much the deal with me and christopher barran.

i met christopher here, in manila, in the late 90s. our meeting was an interesting one with a story of its own to ...

it was monday, alright || manila destination wedding photographer

let me tell you…some mondays are not bad..and some…are worse.

today COULD have been a doozer. it started that way.

i had an 8am appointment at the kids’ school with the superintendant re getting involved with the PAC. get there, it went like this: stepped out of my house ...

jj & bernice - manila lifestyle session || manila destination wedding photographer

i love documenting couples. couples who are OBVIOUSLY passionately in love with each other!

bernice & jj are no exception. they have been married a couple years now and i had been hounding them FOREVER if i could do an after-bridal session with them. finally this year we did it!

this is ...

a little bit of grace is what we all need || manila destination wedding photographer

The Merriam-Webster dictionary’s definition of GRACE had many meaninigs. One of the meanings is this:

  d : disposition to or an act or instance of kindness, courtesy, or clemency

Grace. it’s a word that we dont use a lot. yet it’s a word that is so powerful.
its used ...

i have been informed that we have done NOTHING this summer || manila destination wedding photographer

it’s monday again. how does that happen so quickly???

this is the last FULL week before the kids go back to school NEXT thursday, aug 4.

whatEVER shall we do?

someone asked rosie what she did this summer? she said nothing.

NOTHING???? are you kidding me right now?

so…i think today’s post will be a ...

this blog is going thru an overhaul! || destination wedding photog

what do you mean?

the fact that i MUST, MUST, MUST get a blogging schedule has been eating me for MONTHS. then last night it came to me. what if i did a certain theme every week day, with weekends as optional.

so this is what i got…and i think it may ...

kym & winmark - the manila wedding celebration!! || destination wedding photographer

i just couldn’t resist…i knew when i was going thru the images on the back of my camera yesterday during the session, that we were getting some good ones.

and i also knew that i couldn’t wait to post them on the blog!

we headed down to the wall city, or intramuros ...

kym & winmark - the SNEAK PEEK - vancouver wedding

when kym first asked me about finding her a wedding for her vancouver wedding last december, i told her i’d have lots of options for her. she then asked if i would photograph their MANILA wedding celebration afterwards. it was then, that a lightbulb went off in my head: why ...

trisha & roi - lifestyle session || manila photographer

i love shooting “love”. it’s the basis of my entire photocareer; photographing those MADLY in love with each other. not only are these the most “easiest” sessions to photograph, but they are the most fulfilling for me. being able to watch a couple interact and completely adore each other and ...