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Photogs for a Cause

Over a year ago I had this notion…a notion that seemed like it could work.

What IF professional photographers worked together with the hundreds of NGOs in this city?

Why you ask? It’s simple: Almost regularly I get asked, “Why are you in the Philippines?” as many know I’m a foreigner ...

a documented JOURNEY of a couple of artists- manila, philippines || destination photographer

i’ve posted a blog! hehehe… i haven’t done much photography in the last few weeks except for my role at GENTLE HANDS, as their media go-to chick. i have had the honour of doing some precious “first” portraits of some of our new rescued babies. this has been very satisfying ...

the GENTLE HANDS art auction is LIVE!

if you have been following me on facebook or twitter, you will know that i’ve been shouting out lots about the art auction for GENTLE’s LIVE now! so exciting!

we have 22 pieces of beautiful art…such an incredible gift for someone (or yourself) this holiday season! and at ...