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i have been informed that we have done NOTHING this summer || manila destination wedding photographer

it’s monday again. how does that happen so quickly???

this is the last FULL week before the kids go back to school NEXT thursday, aug 4.

whatEVER shall we do?

someone asked rosie what she did this summer? she said nothing.

NOTHING???? are you kidding me right now?

so…i think today’s post will be a ...

GUEST BLOGPOST by Rosie - personal

my daughter wrote this today…i had to share…
It all started on Thursday. I was at ninis house. Me and Ate rose were inside and suddenly there was pounding on the door. i thought it was her neighbor Gi Shouk.

But then we herd this yelling”gusto ko pagkain ...

colours of the world STUDIO 25% off sale! || vancouver photographer

my rosie started her own business at the beginning of the summer…! she is super creative and LOVES art. she had 10 AMAZING pieces from last school year that she used to make her products: notecards, prints, miniprints & buttons.

they are FREAKING adorable! she has an etsy shop too ...

rosie is 9!!! - personal || vancouver photographer

my baby girl turned 9. it just seemed not too long ago, over the pond in quezon city, manila, philippines that the little princess was flies… *sigh*

she wanted a build-a-bear party…so with two friends, 2 cousins and her “little” auntie emma and hayley, off to BUILD ...

my hour with my rosie - personal || vancouver photographer

today was student led open house at school…the kids have a stack of things to show their parents - work, art, projects - and talk about it all. most parents, i saw, were in there with their kid for about 20 minutes max.

my rosie does not know what a reader’s digest version ...