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this month's wallpaper - SEATTLE || destination photographer

i love traveling and i love taking photos. what an AMAZING combination!

this week i have been missing seattle…what i would do for a weekend away there! everything about seattle is lovely..except for the traffic during rush hour, mind you. :)

instead of just one photo for this months ...

hello, seattle! || destination photographer

i love seattle.

i dont love very many US cities (no offense my american friends!) but seattle..L-O-V-E!  everything about it..the mild weather..the downtown..the COFFEE! oh the coffee.. the ambience. the water.

yes..seattle is beautiful. and when my friend darlene said we should go on one last ...

precious little simone - happy father's day || vancouver destination photographer

i am so incredibly blessed to have some of the best clients in the world. as in really beautiful people with amazing hearts and stories and journies. i am also blessed that my “job”, if you will, takes me outside of my own city, very often.

when i got the message ...

seattle sessions with me - june 19, 2010 || vancouver photographer