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#FF - jeanie ow || manila destination wedding photographer

jeanie ow. where do i start? we met in a lobby of a party in 2007. little did i know that one day would i not only be fortunate to second shoot for her, but she would become one of my best friends. :)

we have shot many a wedding ...

ada & thomas - second shooting w/STUDIOjeanie || vancouver wedding photographer

the first weekend of july i had the priviledge to shoot with one of my besties and fellow photog, jeanie of STUDIOjeanie! her couple, ada & thomas were SUPER adorable!! 

i met up with the guys while jeanie was with the ladies. we strolled down 4th in kits ...

winnie & tom (some more photos!) - second shooting with STUDIOjeanie || vancouver wedding photographer

jeanie of STUDIOjeanie posted on her blog some photos from the wedding i second shot with her 2 saturdays ago… :) :)

here’s a few of them… (the first two, yours truly shot) :)








to see more photos of the day, check out jeanie’s blog!

winnie & tom - second shooting with STUDIOjeanie || vancouver wedding photographer

one the things about my “job” that i LOVE LOVE LOVE, besides shooting my own wedding commissions is second shooting for other local vancouver photographers!

and this season i’ve got the opportunity work with some fun, fabulous photographers: jeanie ow of STUDIOjeanie, Reilly & Miranda Lievers of Blue Olive Photography, Fran ...

jeanie & ian's lil' eParty - personal || vancouver photographer

when one of my best friends, jeanie, told me she was getting married - i think i squeeled. :) her man ROCKS. not only are her man and my man “instant BFFs” (giggle), but her man and she are totally made for each other! i love watching them together..they compliment each ...

shannon & omer - our one true wedding {wish} couple || vancouver wedding photographer

back before christmas when jeanie asked me if i’d like to give away wedding photography to a couple next year who were involved in “giving” to the community, i was all over it!


[that story HERE if you are new to the blog]


the decision was really hard; we had ...