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why do lots of filipinos go to WINTERPEG?? || destination photographer

that’s what we canadians call WINNIPEG, a city in the middle of canada that is MIGHTY cold in the winter.

and SOOOOOO many filipinos immigrate to THERE of all places.. we’re talking -30 degrees celcius and COLDER.


but this post is not about THAT. it’s a travel thru ...

travel tuesday post || destination wedding photographer

usually i’d have a FANTASTIC post about some FANTASTIC place where i went and took some FANTASTIC photos.

unfortunately, our internet is down at our house… BOOO!! ….so the post i had the photos for couldn’t get uploaded.

so you get this instead:


 this kinda says what the last two days ...

3-in-1...and not the coffee! || manila destination wedding photographer

3-in1. instant coffee phenomena here in the philippines, and probably most of SE Asia. i dont mind it at all. especially when you’re in a hurry and NEED your coffee fix. there are sooo many brands and types. my fave right now is NESCAFE brown & creamy. :)

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lover, on ...