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happy anniversary to our {one true wish} couple! - vancouver wedding photographer

has it been a year already?? well…then HAPPY ANNIVERSARY IS IN ORDER!!!

congrats on your first year! many more roads ahead for you two, the passionately in love with life and each other!

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kym & winmark - lifestyle session || destination photographer

when i found out kym and winmark got engaged, i couldn’t be more happy! i have known kym since…hmmm..well…at least 6 years. we go to her dad’s church. she supplies me with great merchandise from her fun company, herrohachi. whenever i see her, she is always smiling. and has ...

i love vancouver - personal || vancouver photographer

with only a mere 6 weeks til we fly out, i have to tell you..i’m starting to get “mushy”.. :)

i/we LOVE vancouver. everything about vancouver. the culture. the weather. the people. the things to do. man, is it gonna be hard to leave this city. it’d be ...

miss T turns 1! - lifestyle session || vancouver photographer

this last week i shot my final portrait session in vancouver before we move. what’s more is, i have shot these particular clients two times before: maternity, newborn and this week, 1st year photos.

i cannot tell you the mix of emotions i felt when i was there…here i have ...

ah, lovely you are - travel || vancouver destination photographer

3 years ago was my first visit to the magical city of montreal. it was november..i remember clearly that it was cold. brisk. but clear and lovely. ah yes.. very, very lovely. we, my friend darlene and i, walked everywhere. we had driven from ottawa where we were attending ...

part 3 of shooting pretty tables for grace ormonde w/reine mihtla || vancouver wedding photographer

in my last grace ormonde meets reine mihtla post i showcased one of the amazing tables designed for grace ormonde back in april. reine mihtla invited myself and melissa gidney to shoot digital details of the tables alongside her. what a priviledge and a complete blast it was!

today’s table ...

simon & andrea - second shooting with fran chelico || vancouver wedding photographer

this season i’ve been able to shoot with my dear frannie fran friend several! :) she is a HOOT..always crackin jokes and making me giggle. i think next wedding i am wearing depends.. ;)

well that was a most pleasant way to start a wedding ...

eugene & hannah - second shooting with fran chelico || vancouver wedding photographer

last weekend i got to shoot with one of my dearest friends and amazing photographer, fran chelico. not only was frannie’s couple ADORABLE, but they had a GORGEOUS day with GORGEOUS details. and to top it off, frannie had me in stitches the WHOLE day. seriously..i love my job ...

ada & thomas - second shooting w/STUDIOjeanie || vancouver wedding photographer

the first weekend of july i had the priviledge to shoot with one of my besties and fellow photog, jeanie of STUDIOjeanie! her couple, ada & thomas were SUPER adorable!! 

i met up with the guys while jeanie was with the ladies. we strolled down 4th in kits ...

rosie is 9!!! - personal || vancouver photographer

my baby girl turned 9. it just seemed not too long ago, over the pond in quezon city, manila, philippines that the little princess was flies… *sigh*

she wanted a build-a-bear party…so with two friends, 2 cousins and her “little” auntie emma and hayley, off to BUILD ...

precious little simone - happy father's day || vancouver destination photographer

i am so incredibly blessed to have some of the best clients in the world. as in really beautiful people with amazing hearts and stories and journies. i am also blessed that my “job”, if you will, takes me outside of my own city, very often.

when i got the message ...

a trip to steveston w/kerri - personal || vancouver photographer

the same morning i took my friend shelley to the airport, i was picking up my other friend, kerri 2 hours later! 

i met kerri before J and i were dating; we were roommates in fact. then we moved to asia in 1996 and she moved to colorado and acquired ...

i have lost my mind || vancouver photographer

yes..yes its true..i have lost my mind..

my friend shelley from saskatchewan has flown out and we are going to attempt the 1/2 marathon tomoro morning…at 7am.


here’s the route map… and its supposed to rain. so can’t wait (layers of sarcasm there)


we both just want ...