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5 years of sept 20 - the vault series || vancouver photographer

i decided to round up photos from sept 20 (ish) from 2005-2009. something a little different..most of them are of my great kiddies.. :)


t&t sept05 331.jpg t&t sept05 330.jpg

and this one of muffin colouring..the little artist… misc 029.jpg

IMG_9312.jpg IMG_9293.jpg

2007: IMG_8071.jpg IMG_1398 (18).jpg


i lost almost all the photos from sept of this year…so ...

the vault series - cannon beach || vancouver photographer

today i am pining for cannon beach..what an awesome summer holiday we had last year.. not sure if we’ll even be able to make it there this fall..oh how i hope we do..before we move across the pond… *sigh*

enjoy the beauty..just can’t get enough.. :)

orcoastjul14-0075 copy.jpg orcoastjul14-0077 copy.jpg orcoastjul14-0087 copy.jpg orcoastjul14-0235 copy.jpg orcoastjul14-0090 copy.jpg orcoastjul15-0459 copy.jpg orcoastjul15-0018 copy.jpg orcoastjul14-0145 copy.jpg orcoastjul15-0384 copy.jpg orcoastjul15-0522 copy.jpg orcoastjul15-0116 copy.jpg orcoastjul15-0085 copy.jpg

hong kong - the vault series || vancouver photographer

hong kong is one of my favorite cities..i’m not sure if it’s the 360 degree circle of high rises amidst water…or the amazing red and other colours that POP out at you..maybe it’s the crazy taxi drivers..nah, it’s not. :)

jonathan and i celebrated our FIRST anniversary ...

italian cuisine - the vault series || vancouver photographer

not gonna lie. i LOVE food. as in i could eat ALL. THE. TIME. wait. let me clarify - i love GOOD food. :)

and being that lover is a trained chef, some of his experiements at home - OH.MY.WORD. ya. it’s easy to eat food for me.


when i was ...

munich, germany - the vault series || vancouver photographer

not gonna lie..the first night in munich i had flashbacks of THE SOUND OF MUSIC. the sirens at night..all i could picture was me being thrown into jail for something for no reason..chuckle..luckily my travelling companion didn’t have the same fear so we were good to ...

zurich wanderings - the vault series || vancouver photographer

the first installment of the vault series takes us to zurich switzerland, where my best friend and i wandered while waiting for our train to munich….

IMG_9737.jpg IMG_9754.jpg IMG_9775.jpg IMG_9756.jpg IMG_9786.jpg IMG_9791.jpg

the vault series || vancouver photographer

i can’t tell you how many photographs i have….as in really. i can’t tell you. :)

but i take photos all the time, everywhere i go. so many…some seen, some not. so i will begin the vault series.. where i will dig inthe folders of my hard drives and ...