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#FF - Rose Stein Hair & Make-Up Artist || manila destination wedding & travel photographer

only being in manila for over a year, i have been meeting lots of people in the photo and wedding industry, online and in person. connecting is one of my favorite things.
when i was doing a search of make-up artists, i came across rose’s name and looked up ...

tony & kristine - wedding with pilar - part 1 || manila wedding photographer

showcasing another wedding - the wedding of tony and kristine - i second shot with pilar today and for the next couple of wedding weeks. :)

today is getting ready details.. :)

it’s so much fun reminiscing about the getting ready - the details of what you wore, stolen moment shots…i love details ...

FEATURED! on - Online Wedding Magazine || Manila Destination Wedding Photographer

in october i was asked by alana of if i’d like to shoot a couple of reception stylized shoots out at The Bellevue Hotel in Alabang.

i love weddings. and i love photographing details so it didn’t take me more than 2 seconds to accept the offer!

today, alana ...

neil & michelle - reception || manila destination wedding photographer

today’s wonderful wedding wednesday is the last installment of neil & michelle’s wedding that i second shot with pilar in the summer.

it’s the reception details.

there are two things that are important when it comes to reception photos, i think. ok, maybe 3. :)

1) DETAILS - the amount of money, time ...

the best of both worlds || manila destination photographer


i cant think of anything better in regards to doing what you love.

i love love. i have blogged lots on my job as a love photographer, photographing couples in love, be it their lifestyle sessions, or their wedding days. there is nothing that i love more than photographing the ...

FEATURED! on's W@W Podcast! || Manila Destination Wedding Photographer

in August i was asked by Benz of if i’d like to do a podcast interview. i had NEVER been interviewed and the last time i heard my voice recorded was back in junior high when my friend and i would record us singing Rick Astley songs. hehehe ...

neil & michelle - shooting with pilar || manila destination wedding photographer

when i first came to manila i saw a billboard on my way to gentle hands every day i passed by a certain section on EDSA, a main thoroughfare in metro manila. it actually had this on it:

Upload from September 15, 2011

do you notice anything in it? ya. there is ONE chick in it ...

happy 1st anniversary brock & angelica || manila destination wedding photographer


 Upload from September 07, 2011

i have known ang for many years. she is one of the most creative people i know. and when she commissioned me for her wedding to brock, i could not be more delighted!

you see, ang not only did a DIY wedding, but she MADE her wedding dress. ya ...

being at the right place at the right time || manila destination wedding photographer

has that ever happened to you?

being in the right place at the right time? happened to me the last time i was in vegas.

i was there for the infamous WPPI - wedding and portrait photographers international. and one afternoon, a couple of my dear photographer friends and i went ...

beautiful bouquets - wedding wednesday || manila destination wedding photographer

today’s wedding blog post is a sneak peek of a delightful shoot i did for scarlet begonia flowers a few weeks ago. there will definitely be more photos of this particular shoot in posts to come, but i thought it would be so perfect to feature the SNEAK PEEK today ...

cultural weddings - manila destination wedding photographer

it’s monday again! and i get to make today’s blog WHATEVER my little heart desires! so…with that - it’s wedding showcase time!

one of the things i love about weddings is that no one is the same. i have shot more than 130 weddings. and every single one is different. and so ...

jj & bernice - manila lifestyle session || manila destination wedding photographer

i love documenting couples. couples who are OBVIOUSLY passionately in love with each other!

bernice & jj are no exception. they have been married a couple years now and i had been hounding them FOREVER if i could do an after-bridal session with them. finally this year we did it!

this is ...

amber & shane - vancouver wedding || manila destination wedding photographer

because i totally got derailed this week and mixed up my blog posts and then forgot to post a wedding one, all because (or this is what i’m blaming at least!) of the first day of school yesterday, i am blogging an extra blog today…

a delightful wedding i shot as ...

it's the little things that matter || manila destination wedding photographer

happy monday to you!

i hope you had a fantastic weekend! our was wet! another typhoon flew past us leaving us very WET! and i hear another is on the way! rainy season in the tropics..what can ya do?? :)

i thought i’d talk about wedding details today - aside from ...

so much love xoxo || manila destination wedding photographer

Upload from July 29, 2011

after our move from the prairies to the coast, this was my first wedding commision in vancouver in 2007. still one of my favorite weddings.

and they both hold a very special place in our hearts…

happy anniversary you two…more adventure & much more love to you both.